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SaaS Marketing - Account Manager


Remote - Must have equipment & infrastructure to work 9-5 EST

Job description

We are hiring a SaaS Growth Strategist/ Account Manager to join our Growth Optimization agency.


Are you a data-driven growth marketing strategist? Do you have a passion for SaaS? Can you manage multiple accounts in parallel? Do you have a strong grasp of the different digital marketing channels? Are you able to clearly map out a clients path to success?

The Growth Strategist role is to drive business growth by unlocking the client’s business opportunity and Market 8 capability, to deliver outstanding client service, innovative and ambitious client solutions which have business value to clients at the heart. You will own and direct the tactical and strategic recommendations to enhance performance while aligning with the client’s business objectives.

The Growth Strategist is also the Account Lead. You’ll serve as the daily point of contact with clients and internal teams/ vendors and be responsible for project-related communication and execution. You play a pivotal role in coordinating between all teams (design, development, media, copy, and sales team in order to ensure that client deliverables are created on time, on budget, and per the scope of work.


Do you have a strong background on SaaS? You’ve helped SaaS firms drive tangible ARR growth. You understand the different pieces at play when scaling SaaS products: Marketing, Sales, Product, Customer Success. In fact. You’ve worked with different people in the organization to help drive a cohesive strategy.

High-Level Strategy + Low-Level Tactics You have the ability to work with the leadership team to establish a high-level strategy, but then strike a balance with execution.

You have a strong eMail Lead Nurturing background - You understand that scaling a SaaS has a lot to do with creating context and adding value, and have experience driving engagement and context using eMail.

Can you strategize based on data research and analysis? As the Growth Strategist/ Account Lead you will develop and help execute the growth strategy. You’ll lead website performance and conversion optimization that are focused around a customer-centric shopping experience. You will be responsible to craft persuasive website pages and landing page to drive conversion metrics and sales.

Are you mad about customer delight? You will help deliver flawlessly and grow our retainer clients organically through outstanding service and continually striving to provide clients with innovative solutions. You need to be bold and confident in all communication (written, spoken, presentation), and always stick to one principle: say what you will do/do what you said. You will help improve the service offerings of the agency help create long-term value for clients.

Are you analytical? You will be responsible to identify, uncover and articulate research, insight, and strategic models to help advance the business interests of clients.

Working with the Lead Analyst, you will be responsible for KPI setting, KPI tracking and KPI delivery throughout all phases of digital projects, including delivering the quarterly performance report.  You will help aggregate and communicate reports. You are capable of conducting qualitative customer research and basic quantitative analysis. You will work with the SEO/SEM Lead to identify areas of acquisition opportunities, but specifically, own website performance to improve conversion rates and the ROI of our involvement with clients. You’ll define A/B testing and multi-variant testing options.

Do you have strong management skills? To succeed, you must fully comprehend the client brief and develop a project plan to deliver on agreed upon expectations. You will set and constantly refer to the project plan in order to react rapidly to new demands and adjust as required.

You will manage scopes, communicate the brief to internal teams, and ensure objectives are met, and are aligned with the overall strategy.

You’ll work with all teams to develop strategies, plans, and targets to include driving customer engagement and traffic to websites.

You will prioritize among the teams and handle conflicts of resources with other account managers, to ensure projects are delivered on time, on budget and achieve results. This may include managing external vendors.

You will supervise the execution of the various stages of implementation, provide constructive feedback to unlock teams, take corrective action as needed and maintaining productive working relationships.

You’ll also identify and establish new relationships and resources as required. You’ll need to balance the dual expectations of both the client and agency to ensure seamless project delivery and quality.

Are you a leader? Can you inspire, coach, motivate, and energize a team? You will help to align people, work and systems with the business needs/strategy, setting clear expectations for the team.

You’ll also monitor employee performance, providing timely feedback and holding frequent development discussions, encouraging and supporting employees in their learning and development by creating a climate in which people want to do their best.

You will improve established internal processes that are key to the organization’s success (e.g. creation of briefs, entry of hours into timesheets, etc.), as well as work proactively on streamlining processes while encouraging collaboration between teams. You will keep lines of communication open so that all team members across the agency feel free to talk to you about any situation or challenge.

Do you like to stay informed? You will keep ahead of digital marketing trends by investing in training, certifications, webinars, networking events, and other opportunities to sharpen mastery and stay current.


  • BYOC - Bring your own computer - you’ll work remotely
  • 5+ years’ experience in a client services organization, preferably a digital agency (including web, mobile, video, brand, and digital consulting projects)
  • Experienced in managing multiple simultaneous projects, involving cross-functional teams, with budget, schedule and resource constraints
  • University degree in marketing, communication, or other relevant fields
  • Strong understanding of digital marketing, web development technologies and design lifecycle. The candidate should understand the work we do — and the new things we can be doing — as well as possess a clear understanding of our client’s business
  • Experience in B2B and/or SaaS sales & marketing
  • Creativity, rigor and ability to stand out in a strategic advisory role to clients and work teams
  • Excellent communication skills, both oral and written in English
  • Exceptional new business and client facing skills
  • Experience in growing, managing and inspiring internal teams; strong leadership and organizational skills must be complemented by a relationship-building management style
  • Ability to handle stress while maintaining a positive attitude and professional demeanor
  • Ability to set and manage client expectations. The candidate combines client needs with our own skill sets to determine the most effective solutions for our clients.


Must be proficient with Google Apps and various content management systems, Marketing automation software, Google Analytics…

We look for candidates that exhibit the Market 8 spirit: Ethical, Transparent, Accommodating, Work-Life Balance, Accountable, Relationships, Passionate, Team Player, and Goal and Data Driven.

Seniority Level

Mid-Senior level


B2B, SaaS, Lead Gen,

Employment Type


Job Functions

Growth Marketing Strategy - Account Management

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