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Ginger Whalen, BBA
UX Consultant & Business Development
Inbound Marketing Certified

If you call Market 8 right now looking for someone to give you some advice on creating a new website, chances are you will get some very valuable guidance from Ginger.  She will break herself into pieces to make sure you get the best solution for your needs and takes pride in keeping an eye on your projects to ensure you’re always happy! 

A globetrotting ironman triathlete and ultrarunner turned crossfit junkie, Ginger has the fire and stamina that we all wish we had, even at 6am MST - her local time. 

Read some thoughts from Ginger herself:

Hello, I’m Ginger, and I’m originally from Chicago but now living in Boulder via Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Salamanca Spain, Santa Barbara and Taos New Mexico.

Growing up in a large Irish-Italian family on the northern edge of the diverse city of Chicago, I became fascinated with people from different cultures and their speaking of different languages. I noticed that although we may all be of the same species with the same physiology, we have very different ways of thinking.  How we say something is interesting but why we say it really blows my hair back!

Past Experiences:

Like a good little capitalist trained in international business, I thought my dream job was with a Fortune 100 company like Motorola.  So, after only 3 years at Motorola, I became the youngest person in the US to ever be promoted to Zone Manager, but I knew the grass was greener somewhere else. It was time to build something! 

So, I led business development to help a personal training company explode from 10 trainers in one city to 75 trainers in 5 cities - all the while collecting information on how people make purchasing decisions.

And what better place to learn about the how and why we do things than within the sales process where decisions have real consequences, are dependent on good communication and collaboration, and impact an entire team if not an entire company?

It was this passion for observing behavior that led me to a career in sales.    Whether I’m helping people make changes in health, integrating their marketing strategy, or improving their company’s digital experience - I’m doing what I love to do.