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- The world needs your SaaS to go remote right now -

People are looking for you
but finding the Zooms and Slacks of the world.

Discover the 9 steps you need to take right now to win in this market and start beating the giants

Your category leader has the know-how, the brand awareness and millions in the bank to gain users at scale and they’re eating your lunch.


They’re getting all the press, all the attention and all the sweet MRR. Yet you’re seeing an uptick in searches, trials and demos - it’s starting to come together...



People are SEARCHING FOR YOU but you’re not capturing your fair share

Relative growth of G2 categories
Audio Conferencing
Video Conferencing
Collaborative Whiteboard
Virtual Classroom
Remote Desktop
Virtual Private Network VPN
Remote Support
Hipaa Compliant Messaging
Online Learning Platform
Screen and Video Capture / Free
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure VDI
Language Learning
VR Social Platforms
Online Course Providers
Emergency Management
VOIP / Free
Drag and Drop app Builder
Learning Management System LMS

Your Time is Now

Your SaaS has the unique opportunity to make change happen, enable the world to thrive remotely, change the course of history and save ourselves.


It’s Your Time To Make it Rain

  • Accelerate your SaaS
  • Rapidly increase your MRR
  • Change the way people work remotely forever
  • Grab your market share and move up in your category
  • Make an impact on your users’ lives and deliver on your promises
  • Gain users who were previously remote who have to work 300% harder in this market
  • Gain users that have never worked remotely and need to function and be efficient remotely

Discover the 9 steps you need to take right now to win

Introducing the Market 8 Challenger System 

Your battle-tested system to grab market share and beat your category leaders


HubSpot Video

The Market8 Challenger System will give you the 9 steps you need to take right now to grab your market share.



Define Your SaaS Positioning

Let’s get you started with your positioning - it’s gonna have to change...we’ll enable you to rapidly and effectively change your SaaS positioning with our SaaS Positioning Framework so you can show your new signups exactly how you’ll help them. 

Want to matter?

YOU’LL NEED: Our SaaS Positioning Framework, our Online Course and Slide-Deck

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Define Your Special Offer

Connect and convert - your basic free trial isn’t going to cut the mustard in the new era - we’ll enable you to create your special offer for now - not yesterday with our frameworks, show buyers you care and enable them to convert with no friction. 

Want to convert leads?

YOU’LL NEED:  Our Special Offer Frameworks and Video Walk-thru plus our Framework Templates

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Optimize Your Marketplace and Directory Listings

Stand above the right category leaders - your listing needs to be optimized and capture attention. Our optimization guide will enable you to stand out amongst the giants. 

Want to stand out?

YOU’LL NEED: Our Step-by-step Guide and Ultimate Checklist to Optimizing Marketplaces and Directory Listings

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Get Your Website Converting

Capitalize on your traffic - you’re getting leads yet they’re not converting and you’re losing them to your category leader. Our framework will get you more signups and more demos on tap.

Want to stop that leaky bucket?

YOU’LL NEED: Our Step-by-step Guide to building a website that convert

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Launch Your Competitor Comparison Landing Pages

Don’t just compete - beat the giants. Your product makes your users successful at being remote, is easy to use, your support is awesome and your pricing is great - now’s your time to shine and get your killer competitor Landing Pages up in hours not days. 

Want to slay the giants?

YOU’LL NEED: Our Step-by step Video Guide, Key Resources and Battle-tested Examples

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Capitalize on High-Intent PPC Search and Remarketing Campaigns Toolkit

Get those leads. Your website is converting well and you’re pushing hard to close. Take it up a gear and start capturing leads at scale and then get them coming back if they didn’t convert.

Want high converting leads?

YOU’LL NEED: Our High-Intent Demand Campaign Online Course and Slide-Deck and Killer Campaign Planner

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Connect With Prospects Through Multi-Touch Outreach

Stop Spamming, Start Connecting. Your spammy emails and LinkedIn aren’t gonna work now. Let’s get connecting and build relationships with HUGE buyers at scale who need your solution, yesterday. 

Want to hit your quota?

YOU’LL NEED:  Pipegen.ai’s step-by step video guide to building the Ultimate Multi-Touch Sequence and Slide-Deck. Get it now

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Ramp Up Your Content With SEO

Scale demand gen. No-one cares about your blog posts, you need to connect with your audience and bring ever-green value where your audience actually hangs out and scale it - the right way.

Want content that scales?

YOU’LL NEED: Our Step-by-step Guide to Finding Quick Content Wins, Content Strategy and BONUS - Hacking Quora for Traffic

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Create Your Content Machine

Get that motor fired up. Churning out any marketing is hard and content is a complicated beast. We’ll show you exactly how to do this with our battle-tested system so you can run content on tap.

Want to get your message everywhere fast?

YOU'LL NEED: Our Step-by-step Guide to building Your Very own Content Machine.

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You get ALL of our experience, knowhow and battle-tested strategies for free. There’s no catch, no BS. 




We love Challenger Brands and enabling the underdog to win. Let’s beat the Zooms and Slacks of your category and win in this era of unprecedented demand

Get your share of the pie

Direct from the remote experts on the frontline

Market 8 is a seasoned team of remote SaaS experts. Our senior members have 20+ years of experience.

Eduardo Esparza, MSIE

Eduardo Esparza, MSIE

CEO and Founder at Market 8

Industrial Engineering Masters, Fortune 100 Strategy Executive, SaaS Positioning Expert. Eduardo drives the strategy and architecture process for Market 8 clients.

Sandra Ghaoui, MBA 

Sandra Ghaoui, MBA 

Search Experience Director & Partner at Market8

Experienced SEO and SEM marketer with considerable pedigree including Siemens PLM and several IBM Implementation Partners.

Yasmine de Aranda

Yasmine de Aranda

Head of Client Growth

Expert in re-inventing challenger companies and enabling fast growth. She drives growth strategy and turns your vision into a clear execution roadmap that is prioritized by impact your business. 

Matthew Baker

Matthew Baker

Partnership Manager

Growth Strategist - Consultant for 60+ SaaS firms. Matthew drives growth strategy for Market8, SaaS and Tech companies globally.

Brian Schofield

Brian Schofield

SEO Manager at Market 8

Forbes Communications Council, BS in Business Administration, Marketing & Economics. Brian leads the organic growth strategy for clients at Market 8.

Aaron Gattinoni

Aaron Gattinoni

Growth Marketer

Social Media Advertising expert, US Army Logistics Officer, BS. Business Administration. Aaron drives growth through Social Media for Market 8 and SaaS clients.

We’ve driven growth for 50+ Challenger SaaS Brands and added $100M + ARR for:

Market 8 is really a partner with us. They have gotten us unstuck from a plain product positioning to an exciting one, targeting a market that really cares, where we can clearly win.
Joe Moriarty
Joe Moriarty
CEO, Raven360
Market 8 brings the exact set of skills we need at this point to help shape a strategy, and execute it
Phil Dixon
Phil Dixon
CEO, ZynBit
Market8 is a true partner that's getting us to the growth stage - fast. It's like having another team within our team. There's no hand-holding needed - just great strategy and quick execution.
Don Brockhaus
Don Brockhaus
Co-Founder, PipeGen

Get the Market8 SaaS Challenger System now and start beating the giants.

The world needs you right now - help more people and achieve your vision