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  • Intro
  • 1 Actionable Metrics
  • 2 The one metric that matters
  • 3 Your North Star Metric
  • 4 Moving from SLG to PLG
  • 5 Changing up your pricing
  • 6 Align your metrics in hypergrowth

Welcome to the Data-Led Growth Program

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Description of the course

Get the inside track to being data-led; align your team, know the right metrics to track, the right growth levers to pull, and turn your SaaS into a growth machine

Designed and run by the SaaS Experts at Market 8, InnerTrends & Inturact.

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What you will learn

  1. Improve your onboarding process

  2. Align your team around the metrics that matter

  3. Find, Define and Validate your North Star Metric

  4. Validate your pricing 

  5. Win when transitioning from sales-led to product-led

Go to episode 1: Actionable metrics >

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