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- The Data-Led Growth Program -

Measure what matters and grow your SaaS

Get the inside track to being data-led; align your team, know the right metrics to track, the right growth levers to pull, and turn your SaaS into a growth machine

From the SaaS Experts at Market 8, InnerTrends & Inturact 

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Learn how to use data to:

  • Improve your onboarding process
  • Align your team around the metrics that matter
  • Find, Define and Validate your North Star Metric
  • Validate your pricing
  • Win when transitioning from sales-led to product-led
"This came at exactly the right time for us and with your guidance, we've managed to go thru the steps to define our North Star and we're looking forward to putting all of the other frameworks in place".
Rohan Mendiratta
Rohan Mendiratta - Head of Growth
"The Data-Led Growth Program is fantastic. The insights that Joseph and Claudiu have into how to improve onboarding with data were very timely for us! We've implemented a lot of their advice and we're tracking the entire process much closer now and we're starting to get some great early wins".
Silviu Toma
Silviu Toma - CEO
"This program has really helped me and my team focus on the metrics we need to be tracking, how we need to be tracking them and what to look out for".
Michiel Vermeulen
Michiel Vermeulen - Growth Manager

Growing your SaaS is your number one priority.

Without knowing what to track and which growth levers to pull - you’re flying blind and you’ll never hit your growth goals.

Have a vision for what you are trying to do. Use data to validate and help you navigate that vision, and map it down into small enough pieces where you can begin to execute in a data-informed way. Don’t let shallow analysis of data that happens to be cheap/easy/fast to collect nudge you off-course in your entrepreneurial pursuits

Andrew Chen, Partner at Andreessen Horowitz, formerly Head of Rider Growth at Uber

Get Free Access to the Data-Led Growth Program now and know the right growth levers to pull.

Nail your growth goals by measuring what matters.

After watching the Data-Led Growth Program you’ll be able to:

  • Get a unique perspective on how to use data to move the needle at every stage of your SaaS growth journey. 

  • Know how to apply the data-led mindset and drive growth at your SaaS by focusing on the right tactics.

  • Define your actionable metrics for the 5 growth pillars: Acquisition, Activation, Revenue, Retention, Referral.

  • Understand how you can use your product data to get your users to their aha moment and dramatically improve your time-to-value in your onboarding process 

  • Align your entire SaaS around your customers’ biggest pain points by finding, defining, and validating your North Star Metric

  • Define the metrics that matter and the pitfalls to avoid when transitioning from a sales-led motion to a product-led motion.

  • Dive deep into the data and validate the right pricing when transitioning from a sales-led motion to a product-led motion

  • Align your team around the right metrics, and the right levers to pull when you’re in hypergrowth

Learn from the SaaS experts on the frontline

Market 8, InnerTrends, and Inturact form a seasoned team of SaaS experts who know what it takes to move the needle - at every stage of the funnel.

Joseph Karim
Joseph Karim
Head of Growth Consulting
Claudiu Murariu
Claudiu Murariu
Co-founder at InnerTrends
Trevor Hatfield
Trevor Hatfield
Growth Partner
Eduardo Esparza
Eduardo Esparza MSIE
CEO and Founder

6 + hours of self-paced videos & study materials - designed to enable you to move the needle and grow your SaaS

Covering 6 stages of growth: PLG Seed Stage, PLG Stage - Early Launch, PLG Growth Stage, SLG Growth to PLG Transition, SLG Decline to PLG Transition, and Hypergrowth Stage

5 SaaS Experts. 6+ hours of practical, no-fluff episodes showing you where you need to focus.

Unlock SaaS growth at your own pace.

Episode 1

Vanity vs Actionable Metrics at PLG Seed Stage

Track The SaaS Metrics That Matter Most.

Define your product’s actionable metrics and align your team to grow smarter & faster.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What are Vanity Metrics?
  • What are Actionable Metrics?
  • How to define Your Actionable Metrics
  • Tips to align Your Team Around These Metrics
  • Best ways to track Your Progress
  • How to identify New Opportunities


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Episode 2

The one metric that matters most to gain traction at PLG Early Launch Stage

How to use data to improve your onboarding process

  • How to make the promise of your product  part of your onboarding process
  • Identify when people experience the promise
  • Benchmark data
  • Tackle low onboarding rates
  • Understand the time it takes to finish the onboarding process
  • How to Influence onboarding using email nurturing
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Episode 3

Get users to stick around

Finding, Defining, and Validating your North Star Metric

What you’ll learn:

  • A data-driven approach to defining your North Star Metric
  • How to define the core metrics of your product
  • Identify your common conversion activity
  • Time frame & context for common conversion activity
  • How to use the North Star metric once identified
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Get Free Access to the Data-Led Growth Program now and know the right growth levers to pull.

Nail your growth goals by measuring what matters.