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Darin Bernston Founder & Chief Remarkable Officer Bernco Media, Salt Lake City, UT
The developers at Market 8 are spectacular, and have made the COS do things that we did not even think possible.  From conception, to deployment, they have been spectacular. They always return emails promptly, get on fixes (if any) that need to be made extremely fast, and have just been a complete pleasure to work with.  They have always gone above and beyond, and I would recommend them to anyone.”
Darin Bernston
Founder & Chief Remarkable Officer, Bernco Media

More than 150 marketers have used Market 8 to develop their sites in HubSpot, here’s why:

The fact is, there's not many HubSpot COS development experts out there, but on top of being one of the few, we pay careful attention to how your site is developed.


Here are some examples
of our work in the HubSpot COS


The Team

Guys (and lady) that know the HubSpot COS like the palm of their hand

We have no beginners. It’s made entirely of experts who "give a damn". You’ll be assigned a Sr. to work with you directly.

Elie Hobeika - Senior developer - Hubspot Certified
Elie Hobeika
Senior Developer


Elie wrote the book on "attention to detail". He will keep going optimizing until the whole site is developed in a single string of code, loads super fast and is easy to use.

George Hajj - COS Designer Certified - Senior designoper
George Hajj
Senior designoper


George is the blend of 2 worlds: good design & good code. He's a proficient designer with background in development, or is it the other way around? He's really both.

Sandra Ghaoui - COS Certified, HubSpot Certified, Inbound Marketing Certified, Partner Certified - Inbound Strategist & Project Manager
Sandra Ghaoui
Inbound Strategist & Project Manager


Quality is checked at every stage of the development, but sometimes, some parts of the execution would affect the site's ability to generate leads. Here is when Sandra can come in and provide her 2 cents. Sandra is a website architect for our more advanced customer centric site offerings.

Michel Meisterjahn - Director of Marketing, HYPE Innovation
Market8 has been a great partner for HYPE, supporting us across various projects and our recent major website revamp. For us, two things really make a difference when working with them:
Market8 do not simply execute, but provide guidance and best practices before and along the execution. And secondly, their knowledge about our website host Hubspot surpasses even the one of the support team and they helped us well beyond the actual scope of the project.
Michel Meisterjahn
Director of Marketing, HYPE Innovation

Here's how to get the ball rolling:


1. Fill the form below


2. Make sure you upload your design (JPGs or PDF only)


3. We'll get right back in touch with you with an estimate (24 hrs tops).


4. If necessary our project manager will arrange a meeting with you to go over the design to clarify any questions


5. Get your timeline and estimate and off we go

Request an Estimate Here


Frequently Asked Questions

Are there limitations to stuff you can do in HubSpot?
Until now, we have not found (almost) anything that cannot be done the COS designwise. Now, HubSpot is a CMS for web pages. If what you want to do is build a system, like an eCommerce store, or a secure login area for your clients, hosting the entire thing in HubSpot might not be the best route for you. Typically, the public marketing-oriented website pages can be done with no issues in HubSpot, while you can put your shopping cart, secure login areas and other custom functionality in a subdomain outside of HubSpot.
What is HubSpot?
Ah, well that my dear, is better answered over here: we've written a full article about what is HubSpot.
Can you guys help with design too?
Yep we can, but as we see it, having a killer website that brings you THE LEADS involves way more than a good designer. So although we could support some simple tasks, if you are into making a site that will work for you as a lead generation machine designed to support your sales process, you really need to look at our Customer-Centric site design service.
Another option is (if you have a good handle of the strategy of your site as well as the copy), then you could outsource the design to 99designs.com and once the design is ready, just send us all of the design files.
Can you develop in Wordpress?
Yes. Just fill the form above and lets get in touch. Why we don't promote it openly?  Because we have found out that Wordpress, being a free product can be quite a headache, so if we could persuade you of sticking with the HubSpot COS, we would.  But we understand that sometimes it’s not as simple as that.
What do you need to get started?
All we need is the original design files, preferably layered PSDs.
What are the payment terms?
Typical terms are 50% upon getting started, and 50% once our work is ready and checked, but -absolutely always, no exceptions- before the site goes live.
How long does a typical development take?
It depends on the complexity of your design. If your design is pretty simple about 1-2 weeks. If your design requires some more advanced effects, background videos, typekits and other fun interactivity, it might take a bit longer. We need to look at your designs to give you an exact estimate.
Do you offer some kind of guarantee?
We guarantee that if there is any issue with the development of the site, such as, something not opening right on the iPhone, or something looks different than it does in the design, we'll fix it, no questions asked. We test the sites pretty thoroughly, but if you catch something, just bring it to our attention and we'll fix it for you.
We can't guarantee that there will be no issues at all, but can guarantee that if an issue comes up, it will be resolved by a team with a can-do attitude and with no fuss.