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Maximizing Your Marketing Contribution to Sales
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Unpack the 6-step growth-driven marketing process that rapidly growing SaaS, enterprise software, and high-value B2C companies are using to blow past their competitors.

Join Eduardo Esparza, Market 8 CEO and Co-Founder, as he walks you through the same process he has used to help over 200 companies grow their businesses.

At the end of one hour, you will have learned:

  • How to avoid the “lead dump”
    You may feel good about all of the leads you’re generating -- but are they turning into revenue? If not, Sales is wasting a ton of time on leads that won’t close, quality leads slip through the cracks, and they’re pointing fingers.

  • Why your customers expect a Growth-Driven Marketing Experience
    If you nail this, you’re among the best performing marketers today. It encompasses everything that’s required to take today’s savvy customer from website visitor to paying customer and beyond in less time.

  • The difference between Growth-Driven Marketing Processes...
    ...and what you’re doing right now. This is the meat and potatoes of the webinar. We’ll walk you through the same 6-step process we use to predictably, systematically, and efficiently grow B2B and high-value B2C companies.
Maximizing Your Marketing Contributio to Sales

Access the On-Demand Webinar and Slides here:

- An eye opener! -

Ginger Whalen
"Marketing has been focused on ‘generating leads’ while their contribution to revenue remains questionable... ...an eye opener for any marketer wishing to refocus marketing on driving tangible growth..."
Ginger Whalen, Chief Revenue Officer Frontside Software, Inc.

- The key to long-term sustainable growth -

Matt Holcomb
"Awesome, awesome, awesome. Most marketing professionals focus on production, and very few on optimizing the yield from that production. This is what 90% of marketers miss..."
Matt Holcomb, CEO Campaign Pivot

About The Host

About Market 8

About The Host

Eduardo Esparza, MSIE

CEO, Chief Web Architect
Market 8

Before founding Market 8 in 2008, Eduardo held leadership positions in human factors engineering, business management, finance modelling, and logistics.

As a result of his unique background, he demands a process and data-driven approach to marketing.

About Market 8

We help B2B companies maximize their marketing contribution to revenue by optimizing the performance of all web properties. We do this by solving two problems:

1. How to get more and better quality leads out of the existing marketing efforts.

2. How to turn more of those leads into quality sales conversations.

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Platinum Hermes Awards
Gold Hermes Award
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