Everything you need to keep track of your GDD project in one sheet.

Get the Project Charter Sheet that will help make your next GDD project get accepted faster, while keeping essential information together on 1 sheet. 

  • Project InformationGive an overview of the initiative
  • Business Problem- Explain what is the business problem that needs to be solved
  • Goals- Create a table that shows what you wish to accomplish 
  • Roadmap-Key Milestones- such as date of completion of the initial research, and the release of the launchpad.
  • And more
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About Market 8

About Market 8

We help B2B companies maximize their marketing contribution to revenue by optimizing the performance of all web properties. We do this by solving two problems:

    1. How to get more and better quality leads out of the existing marketing efforts;
    2. How to turn more of those leads into quality sales conversations.

Our approach is to base every decision on your real data, not assumptions. We establish a process to listen to the voice-of-the-customer and understand your customer's behavior online, and then use these insights to improve your lead quality and conversions, hence providing you with measurable and improvable growth.