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Clean Design


100% Responsive


One-click Installation


Flexible and Easy to Update

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Simplex CORE is the best selling, most complete, and most trusted template for HubSpot on the marketplace.


Simplex CORE: our Most Advanced Template Ever Made
by the pioneering creators of templates for HubSpot

We made this template with a single idea in mind:
"Anyone can have a usable, well-structured site"

There is a lot we (humans) have learned about how to make websites,
and everybody should have a good place to start.


That’s why we took a lot of time to put together thoughtfully-structured templates to match the layout needs of your site pages. 

We don’t waste time with useless design gimmicks. We care about ease of use, so you can get results. Simplex template designs are born from function and usability, not from cute, but useless design gimmicks.  Just pure, naked function.

Market8 designed an amazing website that enables us to have the freedom to easily edit all features and content of in the Hubspot’s COS. The design and work from Market8 helped us move our website away from a bespoke independent CMS with clunky features to Hubspot’s design manager so our whole website was using Hubspot. Their excellent SimplexCore templates are easily customizable and gives us the freedom to make updates to our site whenever we need them without going back to a wed developer again and again. Now our site now has a fresh, modern and professional design fit for a clinical research organization such as ourselves
Thomas Underwood
Marketing Manager, Quanticate

What you get with Simplex CORE


Useful Templates and Features

The Simplex CORE bundle comes with 22+ page templates and counting. That’s

  • 4 Homepage options,
  • 12 Inner Pages,
  • 3 Landing Pages
  • 1 Thank You Page
  • 5 EMail Template options,
  • Blog Page, and
  • Contact Page.

[+] You can see the live demo here


Built-In Guidance

We don’t use filler Lorem Ipsum copy to fill out our template pages. Instead, our templates are loaded with clear messaging on what information should go in each module.

You’ll also receive a workbook that will help you define your homepage messaging just by answering a few simple questions.


5-Star Support

Our support team is fully HubSpot certified (and detail-obsessed). They can help you out whenever you’re having trouble with anything quickly and efficiently.

Then they fix the template itself so the issue doesn’t come up again.

We worked with Market 8 on our website re-design and they did an amazing job. They met our requirements in time and form.
Their work was creative, top notch and the team was very responsive to our observations.  Now our website looks clean, professional and traffic is booming!”
Manuel Romero González
CEO, Clicmark

What’s to love about Simplex CORE

1. 100% Mobile Friendly

Down to the last pixel.

We’ve tested every one of the templates on every screen size ever created (almost).

We went beyond responsive design into adapting the templates individually to make sure they fit perfectly, leaving nice paddings on the sides.  

This attention to details makes your site a pleasure to read on different screen sizes


2. Flexible and Easy to Edit

Forget about having to wait weeks for your web developer to edit the glaring typo on your homepage.

Simplex CORE was designed specifically to work with the HubSpot COS for users of all skill levels.  No crazy-coded pages that are impossible to edit.  

You’ll have full control of your site.

With 22+ page layouts to choose from, you can create a wholesome website using the COS; just type away your copy, and drag & drop elements on the template.

3. Fits Right Into Your HubSpot COS

Makes use of the COS tool we all know and love

You don’t need to worry about web-hosting platforms or learning how to use a new CMS tool. Simplex CORE gets automatically loaded into your already existing HubSpot portal.

No installation needed, no codes to deal with, just jump into the marketplace and in one click your templates will pop into your portal.

4. Add-on Customization Packages

If you don’t want to do all the work yourself, we’ll help you implement your website from A to Z.

You can hire us for additional services, including graphic design, customization, and loading of content. You name it. 

However, this is not a hands-off process for you.  You’ll still have to create good content. But you can count on our team to handle the technical part and to make it look great.

[+] Check out the customization packages
From a usability perspective, Simplex CORE is awesome.  It offers every usability feature you can ask from a template, and will make your site easy to navigate and understand.
The design is crystal clear. The layouts are super impressive. And we paid a lot of attention to detail (even something as small as breadcrumbs that make a huuuge difference).  It's all smooth and easy to follow."
Lynn Sharafeddine

Get-Me-Started Package Pricing


Template Only

If you just want the templates and want to start using it as is, and have some basic design & development skills to customize it.


Get It Now

Get Me Started

You just need us to do a basic setup and you take it from there customizing your site without writing a line of code.


Get It Now

Get Me Started with MY SMALL SITE

You need some help creating a small site with Simplex CORE with some custom graphics.


Get It Now

Get Me Started with MY MEDIUM SITE

You need some help creating a medium site with Simplex CORE with more custom graphics.


Get It Now


Get-Me-Started Package Features


  Template Only Get Me Started SETUP Get Me Started with MY SMALL SITE Get Me Started with MY MEDIUM SITE

Simplex CORE Template

Get the awesome, responsive - HubSpot COS ready template directly from the marketplace
confirmed confirmed confirmed confirmed

How-To Tutorial Videos

Get access to a series of videos that can walk you through key parts of the process of putting together your site: From how to use key features of your template, to how to come up with a compelling homepage.
confirmed confirmed confirmed

Basic Personalization

We'll help you with all the stuff to get you going: make your header & footer global, add your logo, and if needed, modify the colors to fit your brand.
confirmed confirmed confirmed

Access to the Get-Me-Started Workbook

You'll have access to a workbook to define your value proposition, your sitemap, call to action copy, and your homepage copy.  Includes a walk-thru session of 1 hour to discuss the details of the process.
    confirmed confirmed

Sitemap Setup

We’ll setup your sitemap and all of your navigation with blank pages so that you can keep going adding your own content. We’ll just need you to confirm what template you need where.
    Up to 30 Pages Up to 60 Pages

Blog Migration

Migrate your blog to the HubSpot COS and reformat manually up to 20 articles.
    confirmed confirmed

Total Flex Design & Consulting Hours Included

Flex hours can be used for anything from providing guidance on the creation of the site, load & format content, CTA design, customizing a template, email or phone consultations & support, Q&A or custom graphics design.
    Up to 20 Hours Up to 40 Hours

Show-Me-Around Training Session

Spend one hour with our team to show you around the COS so you can take it from here.
    confirmed confirmed

Go Live Process

We take care of all your 301 redirects, monitor the propagation of your site as it goes live, and make sure there aren't any broken links.
 Price Without Template $ - $600 $3,200 $6,350
Price Including Template $999 $1,599 $4,199 $7,349

Other Add-ons 

Email Template

Send branded emails to your contact list that look great and are inviting to read.


Customization Hours

Add a few hours of design made by our coveted, sought-after, Porsche-glasses-wearing graphics team to make your site look like a million bucks.

Sold in blocks of 5 hours

Site Audit and Conversion Recommendations

Get our experts to look at your site, and create a 3-page website recommendations report for you. This will tell you exactly what's wrong with your site and what you need to do to improve it.


Define the Homepage Messaging & Architecture

Get our team of UX and Marketing specialists to study your market and your business and determine the exact messaging you need to convert more visitors into qualified leads.
Includes end-customer surveying, questionnaire review, competitor analysis, analytics review, homepage messaging.

[+] See Customer-Centric websites

Copy Optimization for Response and Web Readability

So turns out that users don't look at screen vs. print the same way.  If you got your copy, we can help you restructure it to increase readability, scannability and make sure that your buyers get you.

$100 - $300* /page
*Depending on how much time and work needs to be spent on optimizing the copy
One day, I found that the responsive behavior of my template was off by 15 pixels on a Samsung Galaxy...
Not cool.  
It's fixed now."
George Hajj
Simplex CORE Engineer, Obsessed With Perfection


Get Your Website Started With Simplex

Start with Simplex, personalize it as much as you want

Inquire about one of our Simplex Get-Me-Started packages and let’s go build your site.

We’ll not share your information with anybody, period.
We’ll call you in 24 hours tops to go over the process and determine next steps. See our privacy policy

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About the Template
Isn’t $999 a little steep for a template?
If you’re looking for a visual theme to just plug content in then yes. If you want a website that will increase your conversions with user tested layouts and amazing functionality then no.
I already bought Simplex; can I use the templates on my other portal for a different website?

It depends.  If you own the 2 portals, yes, you can use the full template bundle in the 2 portals you own, subject to our written written consent and a fee of $200.  So here's how it would work: you will need to buy the Simplex CORE bundle in the marketplace again through the new portal in which you would like to install the templates, we'll then refund your total for the second bundle substracting the $200 license fee.

Now, if you are an agency wanting to install the template in multiple client portals, then each client portal needs to purchase the full bundle.  If you envision onboarding a number of clients, contact us about a volume discount.

What’s the difference between Simplex CORE and other Templates in the marketplace?
Simplex CORE is a our most advanced web design framework. Unlike many other templates in the marketplace, Simplex is the product of years of experience building Customer-Centric high performance websites. We've built in tons of usability research and best practices.
What's the difference between Simplex CORE and the Customer-Centric sites you offer?
Simplex CORE is a quick fix for setting up a functional website on a shoestring budget to get up and running quickly with a pretty decent site that works.   Now, Simplex provides you with an implementation framework to get started; each template comes with instructions that tell you how to best use the template.  However, the Simplex template alone doesn’t cover all of the key aspects of a successful website redesign, such as: strategy & planning, buyer’s analysis and persona development, competitive analysis, cognitive SEO analysis, custom design focused on conversions, messaging and copywriting, testing... You can of course take Simplex CORE and do all of those things yourself, or you can get our SWAT team to do it all for you.  For that we have created the Customer-Centric website design service.
If Simplex CORE gets loaded right into my HubSpot COS, does that mean that my current website goes down until I finish editing the new one and take it live?
No, your current site will remain live until you take it down and go live with the Simplex CORE one. It’s like flipping a switch.
If my site is already in the HubSpot COS, can Simplex CORE work for me?
Sure can, however if you are planning on applying Simplex CORE throughout all of your website pages, we would need to custom quote your project. There are a number of things that make it more complex to apply our templates to your live pages. Basically, since HubSpot does not have a staging environment, we would need to create a copy of your site, page by page, work on the copy pages, and then, when everything is ready, swap the new pages for the old pages.  However if you have been on the HubSpot CMS for a while, we will need to preserve your current pages and apply changes directly there, otherwise the analytics history can be lost.   So we need to look at your case.   This is all a manual process that may add to the cost of development and deployment and make sure nothing breaks.
Questions About Editing
Can I change the colors or the styling of the forms by myself?
Changing the colors and form styling (and fonts for that matter) requires some CSS knowledge. If you have that, you can do it yourself, or you can get those modifications done with our “Get Me Started package.”
Are the modules on the homepage templates replaceable or am I stuck with the layout you have there now?
The modules can be swapped, added or deleted, but you will need to learn the basics to manipulate a template. If you have any questions, please drop us a line at simplex@market8.net. We’ll let you know what would it take to make it happen!
Questions About Assistance and Support
Can I hire you guys to help me out?
Which browsers and operating systems are supported?
Simplex has been tested and proofed for all major desktop and mobile browsers: IE9 or newer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari, and Opera.   If you have any issues with any of these please contact us at simplex@market8.net and we’ll fix it.  If you’d like us to help you work out compatibility with legacy browsers like IE8 or earlier, or other not listed above, let us know and we’ll be happy to custom quote it for you.
What’s included in the content migration?
This includes moving the content from one site and adding it to your new site in HubSpot.  It might not be a plain copy-paste because the page layouts might be different before and after, so it will take our website crafting experts to look at your content and help format it in the best way possible.  This does not include copy revisions, or content management, meaning, if you will be creating new content we will need you to organize it all properly in google docs or in word documents.  But what we can’t do is get content from all over the place (email, pdfs, current site, word docs, etc) and organize it for you.  If you need content management we can definitely help you compile it and organize it at an additional fee.
What kind of issues are included in the free infinite support that comes with just the template purchase?
Solving issues with the template, responsive behavior not working, trouble adding your logo, trouble replacing an image, or issues with editing an existing module.  We can assist on these free of charge. What’s not included is any custom graphics, or creating a full site page for you, or any other kind of consultation about how to create your site.
How much assistance will be available to implement the transition from my old website to the Simplex CORE one?
The price tag of the template alone does not include any assistance - we can of course do some basic support, like if you are having trouble with something you are wanting to do we will help you.  If you would like a team to come and look at your site and help you personalize your template, load your content and offer some consulting we can certainly help you there at an additional cost.