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Web Design Is Broken

According to "The Science of Website Redesign" a HubSpot study of more than 200 website redesign projects:

32% of marketers are unhappy with their last redesign...
Because 47% of SMB website redesigns are late...
And 51%+ of redesigns run over budget

Only 24% of clients are extremely happy with their results!

And that's because:

  • Most designers are pushing pixels when they should be getting to know real customers.

  • Radical website redesigns take longer, cost more, and perform worse over time.

  • Projects are planned from start to finish and fail to adapt to changing circumstances and lessons learned along the way.

Introducing Customer Centric Web Design

An Incremental, Growth Driven Design Approach
What if you spread your redesign budget over time and launched in steps?

You’ll have the flexibility to execute on your top money-making opportunities each month.

And, you will launch sooner, see an ROI on your investment faster, and manage spending month-to-month v.s. trying to plan months in advance.

View the comparative table: Traditional vs. Customer-Centric Web Design >

I love how development was not only focused on the webpage itself, but also on discussing things like how leads should be tended to after they are created. This in depth work made sure that leads get handled the best way possible and can actually turn into sales."
Johannes Jumg, CTO
Cim-Team Latin Market

Customer Centric Web Design: a 3-Part Framework

Everything you need plan, design, develop, and optimize a B2B website that sells.

1. Blueprint

Customer Centric Research & Action Plan

2. Launch

Launchpad Website Redesign

3. Grow

Continuous Improvement through Agile Sprints
(Each package builds on the package before it. You can continue to work with Market 8, take your project in-house, or switch to another agency at any step.)


1. Blueprint

Customer Centric Research & Action Plan

A website that sells begins with an intimate understanding of your ideal customer. Using quantitative (e.g. analytics) and qualitative data (e.g. interviews), we’ll discover what drives your customers to signup and buy.

We take everything we learn and provide a comprehensive roadmap consisting of website recommendations, SEO strategy, persuasive copy, and wireframes. We can design and develop your website using this work, or you can take this to a developer of your choice.

What you get:

Everything a designer and developer needs to create a website that sells. More specifically... 

The Blueprint package is great fit for you if...
  • You’re an established B2B or high-value B2C company that has 5,000+ monthly visitors (25k+ is evenb etter).
  • Or, you are spending (or plan to spend) $5k or more on SEM or Inbound, and need to boost conversion rates to increase your ROI.
  • Or, you sell products or services with complex or lengthy sales cycles.
You have everything you need to design and develop your website

You have the plans, copy, and wireframes required to design and develop a website that sells. If you want to continue with Market 8, our Launch package starts where the Discover package ends. Or, take our work and choose a designer of your choice.


From $3,500 (single landing page review) to $40,000+ (large sites, or firms offering complex services / targeting distinct markets).

Learn more about the Blueprint process   
Learn more about the Blueprint process   


2. Launch

Launchpad Website Redesign

Want to launch your website faster and see an ROI sooner? We prioritize your most important pages and launch them as they are completed.

This ensures our work starts to pay off months earlier than would be the case with a traditional redesign project.

Plus, if you choose Market 8 to help you grow your online business, your users will provide feedback (user data) while we’re still working together.

What you get:

A designed, developed, tested, and launched website;
This is a great starting point -- a chance to run tests, collect data, and begin optimizing your website for more leads and sales. More specifically, you get...

The Launch package is for you if...
  • You valued our research, actions plan, copy, and wireframes and want to stick with Market 8 for the design and launch of your new website.
  • Your website isn’t turning visitors into leads and sales at an acceptable rate.
  • You are eager break from tradition and prefer to launch your website in steps to see an ROI sooner.

Launched websites starting from $8,000.

Note: If your website is already producing results, we may recommend skipping the Launch phase and going directly into the Grow phase. This can save you time, money, and provide a better ROI.

Learn more about the Launch process   


3. Grow

Continuous Improvement through Agile Sprints

We design conversion optimization tests around the user data you’re collecting. These tests help us prioritize the quick changes that can deliver disproportionately large returns.

Your website will keep up with your customers, look up-to-date, and drive more leads and sales over time.

Together, we will establish a testing and implementation strategy that drives growth month over month.

What you get:

A repeatable testing and implementation strategy that drives continuous growth.

What makes the Grow Agile Sprints unique
  • Short and Long term roadmap: You'll get a roadmap with changes to improve for all of the changes that need to take place now, 6 months from now, and a year out. The roadmap will be built   We build a Each test is designed around what we learn from analyzing your buyers, your web analytics, and lessons learned from previous tests.
  • Data driven decisions - Each test is designed around what we learn from analyzing your buyers, your web analytics, and lessons learned from previous tests.
  • Prioritization - We select tests and changes based on their ability to generate leads and sales and the effort required for implementation. The goal is to identify the fixes that can deliver disproportionate returns.
  • All hands on deck - We’ll improve your copy, personalize the user experience by segment and past behavior, improve the user experience, optimize SEO -- everything that contributes to more online leads and sales.
  • Dashboards - We'll setup automated dashboards to keep track of all key metrics consistently. --no more wondering whether the project is being effective. 


The Grow package is for you if...
  • You’re an established firm with a proven product
  • A minimum of 5K monthly visits. More traffic helps optimization speed as tests can be run faster.

If you have less than 5,000 monthly visitors, you can still benefit from Grow plans. Instead of designing A/B tests that will never reach statistical significance, we design real-life tests based on qualitative data, and heuristics or rules of thumb.


From $3,000 per month. Price depends on monthly traffic, and the complexity of your product, service, and sales cycle.

Learn more about the Grow process