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We work embrace working remotely

If you haven’t heard of Jason Fried, you should.  Jason is the founder of Basecamp, creator of Ruby on Rails, and very successful entrepreneur who grew his company with a remote model.

We at Market 8 have grown our agency almost 50% every year embracing the remote model.  And we love it.

The point is, the best talent doesn’t reside within a single zip code, nor does the best work happen during regular “working hours” - so why limit ourselves?

See Jason’s Ted talk “Why work doesn’t happen at work.” 
It is a 17 minute video, but believe me, it’s worth it.
Fact: this section of the website was written at 11:55 pm overlooking a beautifully lit garden, in a summer evening... aaaand one beer down.

Tools that make remote work happen

The Market 8 office happens in the cloud. Everybody in our team is welcome to work in any co-working facility nearby or wherever they enjoy working the most. We do recommend that our team members set up a pretty neat place where they enjoy working everyday.

Market 8-ites: Be wherever you are most productive.

Core Values of Market 8

Own it

When something is on our plate, we will do it and will do it well. Owning it is not just about marking a task complete. Owning it means to be trusted that you'll complete your job in a way that makes the job easier for the next person down the line.


Collaboration is an avenue to augment individual capabilities. We can only be effective if we realize that no one knows every detail of every element of a particular project. Collaboration needs to be enabled by leadership at the strategic and operational level.

Radically open-minded

“Good decisions aren't necessarily the ones that stroke your ego.” — Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater. A good decision is what's best for you and your company. To make good decisions we must have the ability to explore different points of view and possibilities.
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