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The Market 8 Culture

Here’s how life at Market 8 is...
...what we believe in - what we stand for - who we are.

We work embrace working remotely

If you haven’t heard of Jason Fried, you should.  Jason is the founder of Basecamp, creator of Ruby on Rails, and very successful entrepreneur who grew his company with a remote model.

We at Market 8 have grown our agency almost 50% every year embracing the remote model.  And we love it.

The point is, the best talent doesn’t reside within a single zip code, nor does the best work happen during regular “working hours” - so why limit ourselves?

Fact: this section of the website was written at 11:55 pm overlooking a beautifully lit garden, in a summer evening...

Tools that make remote work happen

The Market 8 office happens in the cloud. Everybody in our team is welcome to work in any co-working facility nearby or wherever they enjoy working the most. We do recommend that our team members set up a pretty neat place where they enjoy working everyday.

Market 8-ites: Be wherever you are most productive.

basecamp.jpg hangouts.jpg google-apps.jpg
cisco-webex.jpg cisco-voip.jpg the-good-old-phones

What is success?

We measure our success not in terms of size, but in terms of:

  1. How truly amazing we feel about the work we do
  2. How joyful our clients are after working with us
  3. How truly satisfied we are with our own lives



What’s with the 8?

The number 8 represents several things that relate to the way we do business.  The key meaning of the 8 has to do with its resemblance with the never ending or infinity symbol - it reflects a few things about our approach to solving problems:



 The 8 Principles of Market 8

Here’s what we live by in our everyday lives at Market 8....
and what we mainly hire by:

no-drama-principle.jpg no-bullshit-principle.jpg no-f-ups-principle.jpg no-a-holes-principle.jpg
no-waste-principle.jpg no-surprises-principle.jpg no-resting-on-your-laurels-principle.jpg no-exceptions-principle.jpg