How Raven re-positioned from Standard LMS to Training-Led Growth


"Market 8 is really a partner with us. They have gotten us unstuck from a plain product positioning to an exciting one, targeting a market that really cares, where we can clearly win."
Joe Moriarty
Joe Moriarty - CEO
Raven 360

Key Results


increase in demos


increase in organic traffic


increase in users via Paid Social

The Challenge

Raven360 was a standard LMS struggling to differentiate in a crowded and unsexy space.

They’d previously attempted to move out of this market and into the realm of Sales Readiness but found it hard to stand out.

They needed to change their approach and find a new angle in which to thrive.


Over a series of workshops we took them through our positioning framework and dived into the business to find a series of insights that enabled them to reposition themselves.

We found that the biggest ways in which customers get value from Raven360 was by them using the software to solve a problem within the business, rather than simply having a repository or materials.

The central idea became to empower the experts by using Raven360 to grow.


Raven 360's new positioning now informs the way they think and act in terms of marketing and their strategy has shifted to Training-Led Growth (as opposed to product-led growth).

Now when new users come to Raven360 they’re encouraged to use the product as part of their daily workflow to improve onboarding, partnership management and sales readiness.

About Raven360

Raven360 is an enterprise-grade LMS that helps organizations grow sales and increase customer loyalty through training and coaching.

Our tool is a great fit for companies with complex products and distributed teams.

Companies like Google, Pearson, Mondelēz International and Juniper use our LMS platform. Drive employee, customer and partner training and certification with Raven360.

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