Customer Research

We Start by Understanding Your Customers

You know your customers better than we do. Fact. But they know themselves best...

We’ll design a questionnaire for your buyers, and then, we’ll analyze your buyers in detail


Customer Survey

The goal is to learn as much as we can about your buyers. But most importantly, we’ll understand their lingo, not yours.

Buyers Journey Mapping

We’ll dissect how your buyers make decisions and identify exactly which questions you need to answer on your site. (before your buyer actually asks them)

Buyer Analysis

We’ll spend a lot of time creating detailed buyer profiles that reflect the real issues they have using the lingo they use.

Some Notes About Customer Research

Buyer’s Process Analysis.

First, we break down the buying process of your personas to really see in black and white how your buyers make decisions about buying your service. We can define what are the questions your buyers have at each stage of their buying process.

Bonus: while we are doing this analysis, you can get to the task of mapping your sales process with your sales team.  If you got that, then we can do something really cool: We can make sure your site supports the way you sell.

What if you don’t have enough buyers to answer the questionnaire?

Simply, the analysis will be less robust than it could be if we had (more) answers.

If you, for whatever reason can’t get ANY responses from your buyers, then the next best thing you can do is have your salespeople, leadership, and marketing teams fill the customer survey as if they were the buyers.

Will it be as good as receiving direct customer feedback?

- Probably not -

But it will be better than not doing any analysis at all.

What if you already did your buyer personas?

Great, we’ll take that into consideration.

Now, for our work to be complete, we might still need to recraft some aspects of your personas.

And we will still need to conduct some surveys.

Buyer ‘persona profiles’ is not the only thing we get from direct customer feedback.

Here is a fun fact:

Out of ALL of the projects where we have had at least some direct customer feedback, the number of times that the product/service is described in the same way by end customers and company leadership is...


Your customers always describe your product/service/value differently than you do.

And in fact, the way they describe it, is more useful to craft your messaging, your value proposition, and your tone of voice.

The best value proposition you can have up on your site is one that talks to your buyers in their own language...

...and our UX and conversion specialists can’t guess that.

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