Optimize your website and boost your growth

Once your new site is live, the real fun begins. You have the opportunity to learn about your buyer’s behavior and use what you learn to capture more leads and close more sales.


It all starts with your Optimization Plan.



First, we explore every corner of your website and identify elements that can be improved based on data from your buyers and our own experience.


Then, we prioritize your list of improvements based on impact to your bottom line and the effort required to make an improvement.


Finally, we knock each item off of your prioritized list to boost conversion rates and sales, track and report results, and continue to do this for as long as we work together.

“What’s in a Growth Optimization Plan?”

Let’s start by covering what an optimized website isn’t...

An optimized website is not:

  • A beautiful website that crams every design trend into its pages to hide the fact that you don’t know what your ideal customer wants and needs

  • A site that generates a bunch of leads that won’t close, will close with a ton of effort, and leads that will make you earn every penny because they aren’t a good fit.

  • A site that has run a few ad hoc A/B tests on superficial elements like button color, while ignoring the importance of running data-driven tests for complete business cycles and until they reach statistical significance

Assembling your Growth Optimization Plan

An optimized website is the product of a repeatable data-driven process. It’s the process of identifying the bottlenecks that are having the largest negative impact on revenue, discovering why they are getting in the way of sales, testing changes that may fix the problem, and then tracking results so that you know whether we were successful or not.

This is a small list of the many things we learn and improve for our clients:

  1. Why exactly are buyers buying from you?
  2. What are the FUDS (Fears, Uncertainties, Doubts and Hesitations) of your prospects?
  3. What areas of your site are causing people to hit the back button or exit?
  4. What areas work well and should be kept as is?
  5. What information do your prospects need but is missing on your site?
  6. Do your ideal buyers find the copy on your site to be clear and relatable?
  7. Are your buyers seeing the right offers at the right time?
  8. Does the content on your site adapt to each customer segment?
  9. Are your campaigns driving buyers to landing pages that convert?
  10. What is the most appropriate call-to-action copy to encourage that precious click?



There will be dozens of changes that can be made at any given time to generate more online leads and sales for your business.

However, it’s impossible to know what is and isn’t working if we make several changes at once. To maximize your ROI each month, we weigh each change using two criteria before designing our tests…

  1. Impact to the business: Changes that will help you generate the most online leads and sales are prioritized over those that may hardly have an impact at all.

  2. Cost of implementation: All things being equal, the improvements that can be made the fastest are prioritized.

The quick and inexpensive changes that deliver a disproportionately large ROI get knocked off the list first.

The changes that will require a lot of hours, a bigger budget, and uncertain returns move to the bottom of your list.

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