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How Effectly Captured 5 new deals using their site


"We have had customers sign up with us for $100,000 contracts... When we look back on the Analytics Dashboard, we can see every interaction that we had with them previous to that point, so we can replicate the process with other leads."
Joakim Thörn
Joakim Thörn - CEO

Key Results


New Clients


-digits in new ARR


More organic visits


Increase in leads

The Challenge

Effectly was launching a strategic customer acquisition strategy presenting their solution to prominent company executives in Norway. A well thought out and compelling website that could demonstrate their value to company executives was needed.

The Approach

With Effectly needing a website that satisfies its enterprise-level customers, Market 8 had to get involved on a strategic level.

In addition to defining the website design, we helped define the company positioning, value propositions, translating advanced features into benefit-driven messaging for buyers, and communicating the value of their consulting services.

Then, we evaluated their sales process and made sure that the website fit into their sales workflow.

Continuous Optimization

The design process followed a solid iterative methodology:

  1. Conduct qualitative and quantitative analysis
  2. Identify buyer’s behavior online
  3. Redefine objectives of key pages
  4. Draft the revised copy & layout
  5. Wireframing and user testing
  6. Final design & development
  7. Performance measurement against objectives

About effectly

Effectly helps organizations become more customer-centric by creating more wow-moments for loyal employees and customers. They do this by going beyond traditional surveys and mystery shoppers to really understand what motivates employees and customers.

This is made possible by combining  powerful language processing and AI capabilities with a team of expert transformers that can translate customer-centric strategies into sustainable growth.


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