Web Design (not web decoration)

Design that sells is beautiful. But it's also more engineering than art.

User-Centric-Design---E3 User-Centric-Design--E3-Heatmap

Our team’s design choices will not be based on what color is trending these days or what a "designer" likes.

Design must enhance your message and increase conversions.

It’s not about opinions;  it's more of a science.

It’s about how to:
  1. Make it easy for buyers to locate information
  2. Direct buyers to take certain actions (like scroll further, notice something, click a button, etc)
  3. Invoke emotion with colors and imagery
  4. Create a clear visual path

Here’s how we approach Web Design:

First We Understand Your Brand

The design has to support your brand,

But by brand we mean, your company, your product, how you want to be perceived by your buyers and your tone of voice...  

The design has to support all that.

Design as Message Booster

Design needs to ENHANCE THE MESSAGE.  Design is not about making the page pretty.  Design is as important in communication as the copy itself.

Design should make your message even easier to understand.

It’s about using type, color, style and graphics to establish a hierarchy: what needs to “pop” first, what second, what third, and so on...  AND it has to look great.

Sometimes a message is easier to understand in plain text.

Sometimes you need images, and sometimes you need beautiful call outs.

It’s about making a point.

Refined Based on Heatmaps.

Design is not finished until we measure user reaction.  

So, to make sure it works, we put it through some human eye simulators to see how buyers will see your page and where they will look first, second, third and so on...

We’ll refine your design so we can direct buyer’s attention flow exactly the way we want it.

Compelling Calls to Action Design.

Calls to action need to stand out from the rest of your page so your buyers can notice them, but no so much that they become a distraction. We will design CTAs that fit into the design flow of the page and can be repurposed for any offer you will make in the future.

If the design is not making your user's experience better, it's not good design.

Design has a key role in creating an awesome user experience for your buyers.

But design is only a step in the process.

If design is the ONLY thing you do, it would be like asking your interior decorator to build your skyscraper...  

...pretty tough task, huh (he would think)?