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Free Resources for B2B Marketers, from Market 8

SaaS Website Redesign Ebook

SaaS Website Redesign for Maximum Marketing Performance

If you are looking into redesigning your SAAS website, there is one major thing that you need to consider: Your website is your best salesperson at every stage of your SAAS customer lifecycle.
Maximize SEM ROI with Conversion Optimization

How to Maximize SEM ROI with Conversion Optimization [The Business Case]

If you are spending money on SEM, it makes sense to maximize more than impressions and click-thru-rates; maximize your lead generation.


High Value Products & Solutions Marketing Ebook

Business success today is increasingly dependent on emotional intelligence - the ability to listen, to bring people together, and to understand ideals, motivations and needs.


Website Redesign Ebook

Your company's website should be the central location for communications with current and potential customers. It should be considered your company's “best salesperson.” It is very important to keep this in mind during you web redesign process.


Web Design for Performance Questionnaire

If you are seriously thinking about redesigning your web site, here is a web design questionnaire that you can use to consider the reasons, the performance, the web designer, and the work prior, during and post launch.


8 B2B Website Design Essentials

There’s no way around it, B2B companies need a great website. B2B companies are scrambling to optimize their websites for lead generation. Keep up with what’s going on with our list of key things every good B2B lead-generating website should have.


Inbound Marketing Roadmap Ebook

Marketers hear the same terms constantly, “target your audience,” “reach your customers,” “build your brand,” etc. Most marketing plans bring effective results but many fall short of their goals.



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"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing" - Benjamin Franklin


10 C-Suite Buying Behavior Ebook

Need Help understanding the buying behaviours of your buyers? The B2B buying process is fundamentally changing. This download offers detailed information about the buying behaviors