Inbound Marketing Roadmap

These are 15 pages that will keep you sane when figuring out your overall online marketing initiatives from strategy and branding to results measurement.

  • Learn all the components of an inbound marketing strategy
  • Identify which activities are 1 time setup vs. ongoing
  • Learn which initiatives should be pursued to generate traffic vs. improve conversion vs. performance improvement
  • Clearly see which initiatives complement each other and make sense to do together
  • Identify which initiatives are more effective if targeted to each customer persona
  • Use the workbook format to initiate conversations with your team and share responsibilities in a logical way so that the effectiveness is not compromised when having too many people involved

Here is what some of our clients are saying about our Inbound Marketing Roadmap:

  • “…it’s incredibly easy to understand”
  • “We understood inbound marketing, but to be able to organize our team around a cohesive strategy it’s challenging, this roadmap has helped us tremendously to organize the tasks so that they are truly effective”
  • “online marketing explained – it all makes sense now!”
  • “If you are looking for a single document that can tell you what are all the possible things that you can do in inbound marketing, easy to understand and logically organized, this is it…”
  • “…this is more than a roadmap – it gets down to specific tasks that can be shared among internal and external resources of the company, kudos!”
  • “The inbound marketing roadmap will change the way you look at online marketing overall…”

Download the Inbound Marketing Roadmap