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Market 8 is recognized as one of the top website design agencies in the HubSpot community, around the globe. Founded by Eduardo Esparza in 2008, Market 8 has seen double digit growth every year since its inception.

Our clients see Market 8 as a SWAT team that can effectively translate business strategy and sales techniques into effective websites.

It’s better put by one of our recent clients:

Sean Van den Haute - CEO, Skyjunxion
"I have never seen another company that approaches web design like you guys - usually other web design companies are truly just web design oriented. You guys understand marketing and the strategy"
Sean Van den Haute
CEO, Skyjunxion

Our Promise

We will create functional beautiful website interfaces that make it easy for your buyers to find the information they need and inspire them to act.

We believe that’s why you hire professionals.

Our Purpose

To close the communication gap between buyers and sellers through better website interfaces that result in:

A. More sales for your firm, and
B. A more pleasant buying process for your buyers.

Our Guarantee

You will experience a smooth well organized project with a team that adds real value at every step. No sloppyness, no carelessness. We will work tirelessly to correct any issue, and exceed the expectations we agreed to. Whatever it takes.


Our Story

Market 8 was started in an Atlanta loft by
Sandra Ghaoui & Eduardo Esparza, who shared a tiny, tiny white Ikea desk.

Together, they went through the process of creating a website for their previous company and found out there was a significant gap between the business objectives, and the approach to web design followed by most web design firms out there. This gap was:

“Before making it pretty... what should we say in our website to begin with? and how should we say it?”

Ever since, they decided to bring a customer-centric focus to web design with one objective: to turn websites into effective salespeople. And they wanted to do it with methodologies and frameworks that were well thought out, based on solid research, and centered on the end buyer.



Year Founded:

Founded in 2008 by Eduardo Esparza, as a full inbound marketing Agency, focusing on website strategy and design since 2010




Miami, FL

# of Websites Launched:

200+ websites successfully launched around the globe, in the HubSpot CMS and WordPress

Key Recognition:

Winner of 2014 COS Performance Award (International)
HubSpot Certified
Inbound Certified
HubSpot Partner Certified
HubSpot COS Designer Certified
UX certification by NN/Group - (completed coursework)

Company Focus:

B2B and high-value B2C; SMB’s and Mid Market firms

What we are known for:

One of the most recommended website design companies specialized in the HubSpot CMS and WordPress
The high quality of our Simplex CORE smart template solutions
The strategic and sales minded UX experts in our team - “not your regular web designer”


Our Services

1. Customer-Centric website redesign

A strategy and data-driven website redesign process for mid-sized firms that want to turn their website into an effective salesperson.  This is a complete process starts with research about the end customers, uses the latest user experience and conversion research for B2B, and delivers the exact website your buyers want.

2. Simplex CORE smart templates

Simplex CORE is the best selling template in the HubSpot Template Marketplace - more than a template, Simplex CORE is a framework used by hundreds of small and medium businesses around the globe that want to build their site in the HubSpot CMS.

3. Development Services

We also develop websites for companies that have their website strategy and design ready and are just looking for someone to code it in HubSpot or WordPress.

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