Value Proposition

We’ll rethink the answer to the “what do you do?” question

More than 86% of value propositions are irrelevant. This is something a brand new website won’t fix for you (and most web design firms wouldn’t know how to approach).

We’ll help you rethink the conversation by looking at 3 things:


Company Questionnaire

The goal is to learn as much as we can about where you are now, and where you want to be as a business, and also what’s your sales process.

Sales Presentation Analysis

We'll have your top sales person present to us as if we were a group of clients. This presentation will be recorded and transcribed for analysis.

Competitor Review

We’ll take a look at how exactly your competitors are positioning themselves, so we we can have some perspective and point out differentiators.

Some Notes About Value Proposition Analysis

The importance of the sales presentation.

First, we will ask you to think about a recent successful sale. One that you consider was made skillfully and that landed an ideal client. Then we’ll have you or your top sales person present that to us, just as if we were a group of customers.

What if I don’t have such successful sales presentation?

If you don’t have such presentation, then we will still hold a company presentation meeting where you can explain to us all about your firm, your company and your product. Sell it to us.

We will be taking notes and highlighting important sales positioning statements that are not present in your website today. This will become an important basis for your new value proposition.

Because we will be also doing a buyer’s analysis for you, we will be able to contrast your sales positioning statements to the needs that your buyer stated.

(wait, you don’t have a good sales deck?!  we may talk on the side and give you some pointers on creating a few of those for your sales organization - contact us and we’ll chat about it.)

What do we look out for in competitors sites?

From our experience, 9 times out of 10, your competitors value propositions are really bad.  However for complex B2B sales, we look to avoid you sounding like “me-too.” Your buyer needs to tell you apart, and you can’t afford to sound the same.

Note: If you are selling software, or packaged systems, we will need more than one call...

Principle #1 of selling software:
Show the benefits of your product

We can’t really help you speak intelligently about your software, if we don’t understand what the software does, and why is that important, in some level of detail...

So we’ll ask you, if you can have our messaging team go through a few sessions that demo all of the key features of your product... then we’ll reflect on why those features are important, in the light of what your buyers stated as real pains.

Later on during the copywriting stage, we will translate your features, into solutions to the problems explicitly told us they have.

Think about the process you went through to actually come up with your product. To present your solution, we almost need to be as thorough.

Your most powerful and unique value proposition is hidden behind successful pitches your salespeople are doing today.