Improve Conversion Rates Every 8 Weeks

Once your website’s improvements are prioritized based on ROI, we start from the top and test each change following an agile methodology.


Select the highest impact items

Issues that boost your bottom line and don’t require a large investment are resolved first.

Implement during an 8 week sprint

Each item selected for a sprint is addressed using Deming’s PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle.

Measure, Learn, Repeat

Results of tests are measured, successful tests are your new baseline, and lessons learned inform the next sprint.

Here’s what happens in your 8-week sprint:

  1. Week 1 is planning - For our first sprint together, your optimization plan is created during this week. In subsequent sprints, this week is used to revise your plan based on lessons learned.

  2. Weeks 2 & 3 are testing - For each item on your prioritized list, the reason for poor performance is hypothesized and change implemented.

  3. Weeks 4 to 7 are analyzing - The results of each change are analyzed.

  4. Week 8 is implementation & learning - make the changes that increased conversion rates, reflect on lessons learned, and see if there’s anywhere else we can apply what we’ve learned

  5. Then, we repeat the 8-week sprint again to boost conversion rates even higher
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