How Cim-Team Increased SQL’s by 700%


"...beyond the improvements to our conversions, Market 8 helped us determine how leads should be tended to after they are created. This in depth work made sure that leads get handled the best way possible and can actually turn into sales."
Johannes Jung
Johannes Jung - CTO
E3 Series

Key Results


More qualified leads for the sales team


More site visits


contacts generated


trial and demo requests (SQL's)

The Challenge

Cim-Team’s main audience is electrical engineers that need to collaborate across large teams to do electrical design. Cim-Team was getting leads from their website, however, because the website did such a poor job at presenting the software, most buyers would give up their online research and schedule a demo or trial.

The issue was that a lot of leads were getting the trial without having an idea of the key software capabilities. As a result, the demo sessions were unproductive and increased the cost of customer acquisition.

The Approach

Market 8 implemented its customer-centric methodology to identify what was exactly the expectation of the buyers when reaching key website pages both from campaigns and organic traffic. Then laid out a plan to improve those pages and test assumptions, which resulted in a 7X increase in leads.

Key parts of the process included:

  • In-depth buyer’s research
  • Quantitative research
  • Conversion-centered design
  • User experience design


As soon as the research process began to uncover areas of improvement, we began an agile process of executing on improvements.

Through this process we identified a long list of possible improvements to key pages on the site, then ranked them by potential impact to the business.

About Cim-Team

the creators of E3 series software

Cim - Team is the creator of the E-CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) software, a leading tool for electrical design projects worldwide, used by more than 28,000 engineers in firms like BMW, Alston and Lufthansa, to design their electrical components and pneumatic systems.

Market 8 helped Cim-Team transform their website into one of the key fuels for growth of the organization.

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