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Marketing High Value Products and Solutions

If you are marketing high-value products or solutions in a B2B or B2C environment, there are, all things considered, 2 problems to solve:

Problem #1 is to get found by people that is already looking for a solution to the problem you can solve

Problem #2 is to make sure that you present your product or solution in a way that increases the probability of converting those people that found you into qualified leads

Sales cycles of high value products and solutions are often times long, and if your customer’s buying process is not taken into consideration, you could be disqualifying potentially great leads because you’re targeting them when they’re not ready.

This eBook presents a framework to solve the key problems that marketers of high value products and services face, while considering the challenges that web 2.0 pose.

Key takeaways from this eBook:

  • Identify the 2 main problems that high value products and solutions marketers face
  • Identify the key reasons to low conversion rates and the chronic disconnect between marketing departments generated leads and their perceived value in the sales organization
  • Learn what specific actions you can take to minimize the sales funnel leaks that exist today
  • Learn the key aspects of inbound marketing as a methodology to increase qualified lead generation for high value products and solutions
  • Learn how an inbound marketing framework can be applied to the marketing of high value products and services
  • Learn how making very minute targeted changes to your marketing strategy can result in revenue increases of up to 600%

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