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How to Maximize SEM ROI with Conversion Optimization

If you are spending money on SEM, it makes sense to maximize more than impressions and click-thru-rates; maximize your lead generation.

What you will learn in this ebook:

You might have been frustrated at times with some of the results from SEM campaigns. Many companies even stop investing in SEM altogether without ever trying to optimize their post-click conversions.

Learn why and how establishing a data-driven Conversion Optimization process can multiply results from your investment in SEM.

Maximize-SEM-ROI with-Conversion-Optimization
  • Why you can’t have SEM without CRO?
    You are spending money on PPC to generate leads, not impressions. See how CRO can protect your investment in SEM.
  • Does investing in CRO actually pay off?
    Optimizing impressions and click thrus vs. optimizing conversions. See how a compounded effect of doing both multiplies your results.
  • Key things to optimize for to boost your SEM ROI
    Learn a data-driven framework that you can use to optimize the entire SEM funnel today.
  • How to get your team onboard?
    Getting buy-in from your team is at times a challenging step. Learn how to use data to get buy-in from your team.
“Success in SEM is half-baked if the only thing you are doing is optimizing impressions and cost-per-click. You ought to go beyond that..."
Gil Roeder
Gil Roeder - Director Inbound Advertising
“SEM is worthless if the page you are sending to from an ad is not converting”
Sandra Ghaoui
Sandra Ghaoui - Co-founder and Google Adwords Certified

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