Where do you send your paid traffic?

To a landing page you threw together in Optimizely or Unbounce...?

...regardless of segment, stage of awareness, or specific needs...?

Or worse...

do you send it to your homepage?


The good news is that
your competitors also send their hard-won and expensive traffic
to pages that don’t convert.

The better news is that you no longer have to.

Blow past the competition by optimizing what happens after the click.

Your competition is focused on the click and wasting thousands of dollars and countless hours because of it.

You have an opportunity to get more leads and sales while driving down the cost to acquire new customers by matching each ad with a dedicated landing page.

These optimized landing pages become even more important as your cost per click increases over time. Without maximizing landing page conversion rates, PPC may even become an unfeasible strategy for your company.

PPC Funnel

How we help maximize ROI from your campaigns

1. Customer & Business Research

We start with qualitative and quantitative research to discover the different types of buyers and what each type is looking for.


2. Conversion Copywriting & Design

We’ll take our research and turn it into persuasive copy that makes signing up or buying a no brainer. Then we match this copy with a design where every pixel works hard to convert.


3. Data-driven improvements

After your landing page is live, we’ll collect more data, design tests, and optimize for even more conversions. Everything we do is backed by data.

This is just some of what our conversion team does to win you more leads and sales:

  • Customer research
  • Competitor research
  • Traffic intent research
  • Buyer’s journey mapping
  • Uncover motivations & objections
  • Setup Net Promoter Score surveys
  • Visitor session recordings
  • Click maps & scroll maps
  • Define landing page objectives
  • Google analytics event tracking
  • Call-to-action & offer testing
  • Headline & value proposition testing
  • Sales boosting social proof
  • Dynamic text replacement
  • Conversion-oriented design and development
  • ROI tracking and reporting

What Our Customers Are Saying

Yvonne Garcia - The Entrust Group
The Entrust Group was able to grow the overall marketing contribution to sales from 13% to 20%; this meant a business growth that amounts to 7-digits, all directly attributable to our campaigns and efforts that Market 8 has been working on with us."
Yvonne Garcia, Director of Marketing
The Entrust Group

We don’t do conversion optimization like everyone else...

The mediocre conversion optimization agencies blindly apply "best practices."

They apply tips and tricks shared in a post about boosting conversion rates by 265% to your business and its unique challenges, and are puzzled when it doesn’t work.

The better ones do some research. But they still struggle to deviate from conventional research methods when your business calls for it.

Most conversion "gurus" will also wait for you to indicate which landing page needs to be optimzed before they get to work.

But, your goal is to grow your business, right?

So, let's start with your business goals...

9 times out of 10 we find that the key problem of landing pages is a poorly formulated offer.

Either the value proposition is irrelevant for the buyer or it’s too ambitious; it has so much inherent friction that it just turns people off. The result is a page with low conversions.

Instead, we start with your business goals, match these goals to what your buyers actually want, identify every Moment of Truth (MOT) in your buyer’s journey, and then use this insight to smooth the path to conversion one MOT at a time.


Goals, buyers, and MOTs are different for every company and landing page, and so are the solutions.

We’ve helped hundreds of B2B companies make a lot more money…

We’re on this short list of the best conversion optimization agencies, and we can prove it...

Multi-million $ landing page improvements
The Entrust Group
Explore this project
700% lift in SQL's
Explore this project
5 New clients; 6-digit new ARR
Explore this project

...and these business results have snagged us a number of fancy awards.

Hubspot Impact Awards - Grand Prize Winner - Inbound Growth Story
Hubspot Impact Awards - Grand Prize Winner - Happiest Customers
Hubspot Impact Awards - Growth Driven Design
Hubspot Impact Awards - Best Client Website Design
Platinum Hermes Award
gold Hermes Award
Hubspot COS Performance Award

Our Conversion Boost packages are for you if...

  1. You want to boost PPC/SEM returns now:
    You’re spending money on PPC ads and sending traffic to generic pages or landing pages that aren’t converting as well as you’d like. You’d like to pair your ads and links with fully optimized landing pages.

  2. Your conversion optimization results have plateaued:
    You’re testing ads and landing pages and you’ve even seen some results in the past. But recent tests are getting you marginal improvements, no improvement at all, or even hurting conversions. You need fresh ideas from a team of experts who aren’t as close to your business as you are.

  3. You want to embed growth in your culture:
    Your company dabbles in conversion optimization, but it looks different every single time. This lack of process is inefficient and produces less-than-optimal results. You’re ready to implement a conversion optimization system your teams can use to repeatedly get more leads and sales.

  4. You want to do this right from the start:
    Maybe you’re about to make your first significant investment in PPC/SEM, you know you need to pair your ads with highly relevant and persuasive landing pages, but you don’t know the experience and resources to execute this in house.

We’re here to help you get the most out of your campaigns.

What’s Included in the Conversion Boost packages?

  Expert Landing
Page Review
Engineer my
Landing page
Design my
Landing Page
  Perfect if you want an expert to show you tips to improve your page. We handle everything from research to wireframing. Research, design, development, and optimization -- we can do it all.
  $500 $4,950 $6,950

Quick Review

Review your landing page, send a company survey and analyze results, and then share actionable recommendations you can start applying right away in a 30-minute call.

Customer Research

Learn about your buyers through surveys and interviews, and then develop buyer profiles that address the motivations and hesitations for each of your offers.
  confirmed confirmed

Campaign Performance Review

Identify which campaigns have the potential to make you the most money and then use this insight to prioritize landing page optimization.
  confirmed confirmed

Moment of Truth breakdown

Assess your business goals and offers, and then identify the moments of truth to optimize.
  confirmed confirmed

Competitor Research

Gain a comprehensive understanding of what your competitors are doing to get more leads and sales, then capitalize on their mistakes.
  confirmed confirmed

Value Proposition

Develop a value proposition that makes it easy for prospects to understand what you do, how you do it better, and why it matters
  confirmed confirmed

Ad Review

Make sure your ad copy and design is optimized for quality clicks and is in sync with the pages they send traffic to
  confirmed confirmed

Copy That Converts

Get short, snappy copy where every word is backed by research and works hard to convert visitors into leads, and leads into paying customers.
  confirmed confirmed

Long Form Sales Copy

For an additional investment, you get long-form sales copy that gives prospects everything they need to buy on one expertly crafted landing page.
  Add $2,000 Add $2,000


High-definition wireframes let you see what your landing page and thank you page will look like before it’s too late to make changes.
  confirmed confirmed

Interactive Design

Get your landing page professionally designed by a team who knows how to make every pixel work hard to increase conversions.


Take the stress out of landing page implementation by letting our team take it live in HubSpot, or by getting an HTML and CSS file.

Continuous Optimization

Squeeze every last lead and sale out of your landing page when we analyze traffic and results, hypothesize and A/B test improvements, reporting on our results in a dashboard, and by learning much of what we know along the way.
    $ Additional

Partner with a team that has a track record you can bank on

We’re a team of fully certified, seasoned professionals with hours of crafting and optimizing websites and landing pages under our belts. From SaaS and enterprise software, to high-value consumer products, financial services and more -- we’ve done it all. You won’t get a team of beginners learning on your dime.

Get Started Here

We’ll get back to you within 24 hours tops.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I write the copy and have you guys focus on the design?

At the center of a landing page that converts is persuasive copy backed by a lot of customer and competitor research, so we recommend that you leave the copy to us. Even if you write the copy, the price won’t change because we reserve the right to make changes to your copy.

Do you offer ongoing optimization after launch?

We do. Most agencies won’t tell you this, but the first version of a landing page is rarely the best -- it’s the new baseline. By analyzing the traffic landing on your new page, we’ll uncover low hanging fruit that can improve conversion rates even further. If you’re interested in continuous improvement, let’s chat about your pages and traffic.

What types of products or solutions does this work best for?

Our conversion process works for every type of product or solution. Our experience ranges from consumer products and services such as personal development counselors, to enterprise software solutions and everything in between. Conversion Optimization is a matter of understanding what exactly your buyer wants and cares about, and then creating a page that gives them exactly that.

What do you need to get started?
  • Access to Google Analytics or equivalent
  • A completed company questionnaire that we’ll send you
  • When possible, completed buyer surveys that we’ll have you send on our behalf
  • Your logo, branding guidelines, photography and other artwork that you want us to consider
  • Payment in full

Once we get all of the above, including the questionnaire and survey responses, we can begin our work.

How long does it take to complete your work?

The first round is composed of a lot of analysis and data gather and takes 30-45 days from the day we have access to Google Analytics, completed questionnaires and surveys, logo and branding guidelines, and payment in full. Once your first landing page is live, 3-4 months of ongoing optimization is usually required before we reach a point of diminishing returns. If your page has low traffic (under 2k visits/mo), it might take more time to reach this point.

If I have more than one landing page, can I get a discount?
If we can leverage our initial research and apply learnings across multiple data sheets, a discount may be possible. If you want our team to analyze a full conversion path we can definitely create a package that is more cost effective for you.
Do we have any input on the design?

Your branding and general design feedback will be considered, but we’re focused on getting you results, so we will have the final say on what the page needs to say or look like. Of course, we want to make sure everything we say is accurate and not misleading, and your input will be important here.

Are there any guarantees?

While we would love to guarantee that your conversion rates will increase by xxx%, no responsible agency would make this claim. Even if we do the research, write the copy, design the page, and develop it -- there is so much that we don’t control. We don’t control how you follow up with leads, how your sales team sells, whether your product or service is worth your asking price and much more. What we can say with 100% certainty is that we’ve done this hundreds of times; we’ve helped companies increase revenue by five, six, and even seven figures; and we can prove our results.

Payment terms, cancellations, and fine print

Payment is required in full at the beginning of the project. If you decide to cancel before any analysis work gets started, we will refund 40% of the total. Refunds are not possible after we start the work.

We assume that you have the rights to any photography or artwork you provide to us and assume no responsibility for any copyright infringements by materials you submit to us.

We reserve the right to reject projects for new products or services whose market viability is still untested, pyramid schemes, or unethical products or services.