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-HubSpot Quarterly Impact Awards Candidate - Client Growth Story-

An Online Lead Generation program that makes Electrical Design Software buying easier

Customer-Centric Website reengineering and content strategy implementation for Cim-Team’s Online Lead Generation


hubspot-impact-awards HubSpot Impact Awards
Honorable Mention
Client Growth Story
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Platinum Winner 2016
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Cim-Team - Creators of E3 Series

Cim - Team is the creator of the E-CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) software, a leading tool for electrical design projects worldwide, used by more than 28,000 engineers in firms like BMW, Alston and Lufthansa, to design their electrical components and pneumatic systems.

Market 8 helped Cim-Team transform their website into one of the key fuels for growth of the organization.


Components of this project

  • Sales Process Mapping
  • Persuasive Messaging & Copywriting
  • Benefit oriented feature exploration
  • Lead Nurturing Strategy & Implementation
  • Content Strategy & Implementation
  • Smart Personalized Content
  • Localization - website + content

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I love how development was not only focused on the webpage itself, but also on discussing things like how leads should be tended to after they are created. This in depth work made sure that leads get handled the best way possible and can actually turn into sales. ”
Johannes Jung, CTO
Cim-Team Latinmarket


Cim-Team’s main audience is electrical engineers that need to collaborate across large teams to do electrical design. Cim-Team was getting leads from their website, however, because the website did such a poor job at presenting the software, most buyers would give up their online research and schedule a demo or trial. The issue was that a lot of leads were getting the trial without having an idea of the key software capabilities. As a result, the demo sessions were unproductive and increased the cost of customer acquisition.

The website was not setup for the awareness or evaluation stages. It only offered content for the decision stage, which was a free trial. The only measure in place to answer buyer’s questions about the software was free online training. Those in the awareness stage weren’t ready to commit the time and effort required to complete the training and would quit before converting.


Key Challenges

  • Cim - Team's website was not communicating the benefits of its software.
  • Buyers were confused and leads were too cold and uneducated when they reached the salespeople.
  • This increased the cost of sales and hurt overall revenue growth. Also, lead gen numbers were too low to meet the growth goals of the company.
  • They also had the challenge of demonstrating the modularity and flexibility of their software -- users could get different components and tailor a solution specific to their needs. It was important to communicate this customization to justify the high price tag.
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The Solution

Market 8 started by working with Cim-Team to create a customer-centric website. Then, they designed and implemented a content strategy. Together, Market 8’s contributions resulted in 4X traffic growth and a 7X increase in leads.

To accomplish this, Market 8 conducted an in-depth research of Cim-Team's customers and worked with Cim-Team to implement a holistic strategy that involved:

  1. In-depth Buyers analysis - Market 8 defined in detail Cim-Team’s buyer personas. Then, they mapped out in detail the buyer's journey and identified specific challenges the buyer had during their evaluation and buying process. The strategy was focused on alleviating those challenges that the buyer had during the buying process; i.e. “help the buyers buy.”

  2. Customer-centric website redesign - Market 8 led the entire process -- from strategy, architecture, layouts and UX, implementation and user testing.  As an enterprise software website, it needed to explain the benefits of using this solution in plain English. To write this copy, Market 8 knew they needed to take a deep dive to understand this software like a customer. So, they took basic software product training. With their experience backgrounds in engineering disciplines, the Market 8 team was able to rethink how this software was presented, and showed the real-life benefits in plain English. The results were significant --  7X more visitors converted, showing they understood the key value that the software application.

  3. Content Marketing Strategy and Implementation - Cim-Team sells to expert level electrical engineers. Creating high-quality content for this audience could not be outsourced to an external copywriter. Market 8 implemented an engineering internship seeking top students in the electrical engineering graduate program at Georgia Tech to help generate content for Cim-Team and cover topics that add value to this audience. The results were spectacular --  the content was consumed and shared on social media in electrical engineering circles at a rate never seen before by the company: since the start of the program, Cim-Team has seen over 36,700 visits and 922 leads for the company from social media alone.

  4. Sales process definition - Market 8 went beyond web design and helped define how leads generated would be handled by the salespeople once they converted on the website. One of the key buyer challenges identified was that the electrical engineer using the software rarely made the purchasing decision. Instead, the end user would evaluate the software and then attempt to sell this solution to the head of engineering.  This is where the process broke down, so we developed an assessment process with Cim-Team to uncover productivity gains the client would experience using E3 software. This assessment process was initiated on the website, and helped engineers justify the cost of the software to the decision makers.

  5. Solving the dilemma demo vs. trial: - when selling enterprise software there seems to be an eternal debate on what the sales-ready call to action should be:  Offering a free demo risks getting too many unqualified leads and getting sales tied up educating these leads over the phone; on the contrary, offering a free trial on an enterprise software for engineers, may be well tailored for early adopters, or more technical buyers, but certainly not appropriate for early majority/less adventurous buyers as it would risk disappointing those leads with the complexity of the software.  We knew that for the audience targeted, Free Trials had better response (about 4x) than Free Demos from previous trials.  Hence, our approach was to blend the 2 offers: “Get your free trial, and take advantage of a free-live guided tour, just answer a few questions so you can get more out of the demo session with our experts.”  This approach resulted in over 4000+ demo requests - which are real, workable leads for the sales team.

  6. Filtering of unqualified leads through user flows and personalization: Cim-Team is very supportive of education and have different programs for students.  Before the project, students were jumbled up with real leads.  Through a process of segmentation and personalization, we defined a funnel specific for students outside of HubSpot using Google forms.  The results here presented do not consider student leads, only real industry professional leads.

  7. Localization - Because Cim-Team targets all Latin America, the website and all of the content was implemented in 3 languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese.

What’s unique about Market 8’s approach is that it brought together a rare combination of disciplines: customer research, engineering experience, strategic marketing, user experience design, persuasive copywriting, and sales expertise -- were all combined to deliver the kind of results that would enable Cim-Team to use their website to convert leads and grow their business.

Sometimes marketers are too focused on ‘generating leads’ or ‘increasing conversions’ without having the end customer at the center of the equation. By following a customer-centric approach, the entire online lead generation program was focused on helping Cim-Team enterprise software buyers buy better and easier.”
Eduardo Esparza,
CEO and Chief Web Architect
Market 8

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