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- HubSpot Impact Awards Finalist 2016 - Website Design-

Transforming Customer-Centricity Talk Into Raving Customer Reviews And Revenue

Effectly’s launch of its first Customer-Centric Website


hubspot-impact-awards HubSpot Impact Awards
Honorable Mention
Website Design
hermes-awards-gold Hermes Creative Awards
Gold Winner 2016
Web Copy


Effectly helps organizations become more customer-centric by creating more wow-moments for loyal employees and customers. They do this by going beyond traditional surveys and mystery shoppers to really understand what motivates employees and customers.

This is made possible by combining  powerful language processing and AI capabilities with a team of expert transformers that can translate customer-centric strategies into sustainable growth.

Market 8 assisted with the definition of Effectly’s positioning and messaging, as well as the launch of their first website which acts as the foundation for their inbound marketing strategy.

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Components of this project

  • Customer-Centric website design
  • Sales journey mapping
  • Persuasive messaging & copywriting
  • Benefit oriented software feature analysis
  • Company profile analysis
  • Logo redesign
  • On-Page SEO

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This highly committed Market 8 team was our preferred partner in our official website launch. They are really in the game with Inbound and Hubspot. With true knowledge and high efficiency and friendliness. I would recommended Market8 for your next website redesign and the building of a power sales engine!”
Joakim Thörn
CEO, effectly


When we started, Effectly had no website presence other than a “coming soon” landing page. Effectly was launching a strategic customer acquisition strategy, presenting their solution to prominent company executives in Norway. A well thought out and compelling website that could demonstrate their value to company executives was needed.


Key Challenges

  • Effectly needed a partner to help with company positioning, overall messaging, and creating a detailed launchpad website in a short timeline with limited input from past clients.

  • Effectly sells and adds consulting on top of the Customer Experience technology platform. The only messaging available to us was found on their software vendor’s website. However this messaging had too much jargon, it was not benefit oriented, and it presented an unfriendly navigation experience. The messaging needed to be reworked to meet the needs of Effectly’s end users.

  • Effectly needed to present itself as more than just a SaaS solution. They needed to make it clear that they are selling a unique combination of enterprise-level customer experience software and consulting that helps an organization leverage the software and customer data.

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  • customer-centric-website-design-effectly-Customer-Experience-Management-Transformation-Program-Effectly

The Solution

With Effectly needing a website that satisfies its enterprise-level customers, Market 8 had to get involved on a strategic level. In addition to defining the website design, we helped define the company positioning, value propositions, translating advanced features into benefit-driven messaging for buyers, and communicating the value of their consulting services. Then, we evaluated their sales process and made sure that the website fit into their sales workflow.

  1. Strategy definition - To start, Market 8 provided 3-hours of strategic definitions with Effectly. These included:

    a. Buyer persona deep dive - Identification of the primary buyer personas for the website to answer the question, “who are we talking to?”

    b. Analysis of competition - We identified key competitive differentiators that Effectly could leverage to stand out.

    c. Unique value proposition analysis and definition.

  2. Website architecture definition - The #1 thing buyers want to do on the site is understand how Effectly can help them become a Customer Centric company. The ultimate conversion objectives were defined as: a) Schedule a demo and b) Request a Customer-Centricity assessment. Once the main objectives of the site were set, we defined how to present the software, consulting program, brand, and how to structure pricing. The components of our solution were:

    a. User Flow definition - Provided the core objectives of the website, the two most wanted user flows were to get buyers to the demo, and to get them interested in an assessment.

    Primary Flow (Demo):

    Secondary Flow (Assessment):

    When the buyer comes to you in a more advanced stage of awareness already looking for a tool...

    When the buyer comes to you with a business challenge, in an early awareness stage, looking for an expert and education...



    b. Effectly - the Customer Experience Platform vs. Effectly - the Expert team Effectly is a Customer Experience Transformation Company; a combination of:

    i. An expert team with experience implementing customer-experience programs that transform customer experience for their clients, resulting in more growth and profits.

    ii. Supported by a tool: Effectly’s selected Customer Experience Platform.

    Therefore the website needed clarity and content regarding the implementation of their Customer Experience Transformation programs and services. Doing this required showing how the software and consulting services worked and benefited the client as separate offerings, and how results are compounded when combined.

  3. Messaging and copywriting: Since the program requires high-commitment and is a complex enterprise-level solution, the copy needed enough detail to answer all of the buyer's questions. Effectly needed to paint a vivid picture of the current pains, the dream of a customer-centric organization, and Effectly’s role in achieving that dream.  To create the messaging and copywriting our team did 2 things:

    a. Features Deep Dive - to explain the software capabilities online, Market 8 took a careful look through each one of the software features during basic software product training and a demo. Our conversion focused copywriting team was then able translate features into compelling benefits-driven copy. By doing this, our copywriters were able to turn a list of features and capabilities into a narrative that helped potential buyers imagine themselves solving their problems with Effectly.

    b. Company profile analysis - Because Effectly’s consulting services were core to the strategy, Market 8 helped craft a strong “About Us” area. Our recommendations were based on research findings by the Nielsen Norman Group on how executive buyers look at About website sections.

  4. Conversion Centered Design: The design process followed a solid iterative methodology:

    a. Define objectives of each key page -> define which are most important things that the buyer should learn from this page, and what is the most wanted action.

    b. Draft the copy & layout - > work on the copy and rough layouts simultaneously to build the foundation of the desired user experience on the site.

    c. Wireframing - define the key elements of the user experience, including internal user testing.

    d. Final design - All key layouts were evaluated with a user simulator to validate that we were driving attention to the right areas and calls-to-action while avoiding the creation of unintentional blind spots. Design isn’t about beauty alone, it must also be functional and fulfill a stated business objective.

    e. Responsive development - using the HubSpot CMS allowed us to develop the website faster and shorten implementation times.

What Next

Grow traffic - create content - optimize: The launchpad represented a stepping stone for Effectly in its inbound marketing journey. In the months following the launch of the website, the Effectly team is working on creating blog content and advanced content pieces to drive more traffic and capture leads on their website.

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