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Eduardo Esparza, MSIE
CEO, Chief Web Architect
Management of Technology Certification - Georgia Tech,

Eduardo AKA EE, is the founder of Market 8. A true visionary with superpowers to gather the troops and inspire the team to move mountains.

Unlike many bosses - you will never find ee with his legs up on his desk! EE is a Georgia Tech-Industrial Engineering Masters program graduate - turned business management consultant - turned entrepreneur - turned CMO - turned web design & UX expert.

Dizzy yet?

At Market 8, he is THE master of messaging and information architecture. He helps you make sure your site becomes a true sales person. One thing we love about ee is that he is far from being a Yes man - so if you propose something that gets in the way of the success of your site, be sure to expect a challenge.

And he’s a sax player, mountain biker and avid reader.

Read some thoughts from EE himself:

Hello there! I’m the founder and CEO of Market 8. I’m originally from Mexico, although I’ve been living in the US since I started studying my masters back in 1999. I live between the US and Lebanon these days. In the springs and summers, I travel with my family through Western Europe and the Mexican Pacific coast.

At Market 8, I spend most of my time advising clients on how to position their website as a 24/7 sales professional. Since websites need to be a true reflection of the business they represent, my advising turns into deep conversations about my client’s business strategy and the positioning of their products and services, and I love it.

Past Experiences:

A lot of people call me a “Renaissance Man” because my background is very diverse. To give you an idea: I started my first company at age 16 - a small success that afforded me a year at the University of Pittsburgh. At 18 I started designing factories and manufacturing workflows for US firms in Mexico.

Then, after my master’s degree at Georgia Tech, I became a business consultant within a subsidiary of Georgia Pacific at the time, and worked on a business improvement and turnaround methodology that’s still in use today, and designed a pricing optimization framework. Later, as a Director of Strategy, I did some M&A work in their Mexican division.

Then, I switched to entrepreneurship and design, and got to ride a bit of the real estate boom of the 90’s. Towards the end of the wave (perfect timing), I sold my business and led the marketing for the company that acquired my business in 2007.

After the financial crash, I was forced to reduce our 2 million dollar printed ad budget to... ehem... zero. That’s how I discovered and mastered all things inbound marketing - especially website design.

Since then, and after launching Market 8, I’ve worked to help firms all over the globe to improve their websites. Market 8 is the culmination of all of my experiences - and that’s why we can approach websites as business tools and not just graphic design showcases.