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Hiba Moujabber, BFA, MA
Sr. UI/UX Designer

Hiba has the rare ability to grasp the essence of your brand and deliver an interface that results in an awesome user experience. She tackles your UI and UX  with a marketing and sales brain. The richness of her work is highly influenced by her passion for history and arts. 

Hiba is also like a sun that doesn’t stop shining, always happy, always positive, and THE energy booster of the team - even more so if you bribe her with good wine and swiss chocolate, and a promise to live in Bali!

Read some thoughts from Hiba herself:

Hi, I’m Hiba Moujabber, pronounced “Mö-ja-ber,” and I’m originally from Lebanon, but live most of my days in Geneva, Switzerland.

I'm a graphic designer turned digital experience & interface designer, focused on designing solutions that meet business objectives, typically superior reader comprehension and more conversions.

Past Experiences:

I've been designing for the past 7 years after 4 years of academic training in graphic design at the American University of Beirut. I’ve worked with world-renowned leaders in technology such as Microsoft, Panasonic, Siemens Networks, Etisalat and Nokia to name a few.

I am an eternal believer in the power of digital design in shaping our lives - I believe digital technologies are first and foremost a human conception, deeply rooted in our needs, desires and aspirations. That’s why human-machine interaction is on the top of my interest list as it helps me see and better shape how we interact with those amazing products of human ingenuity.

Recently, I’ve started my Masters in Art History at the University of Geneva, a program that is helping me further understand human genius across the centuries by examining the means through which people communicate. As weird as it may sound, a XIVth century painting by Giotto and a modern-day website DO have something in common and that is the need to appeal to human emotions in order to attain a specific goal.

User experience was of the utmost importance since man started spray painting hands on the inside of caves and it has never stopped evolving since. User experience is everything and everywhere, we breathe it, eat it, go to bed and wake up with it (at least I do!) - it’s the building block of the grand illusion we call life.