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Josh Garofalo, MDEI
Freelance Conversion Copywriter
Josh’s most powerful weapon: words. 

Josh bashes his keyboard until it spits out compelling copy for his clients. He specializes in writing words that make prospects sign up for the newsletter, download the whitepaper, share the offer, and BUY the awesome product or service.

He draws from his eclectic background to serve his clients, especially clients with technology products and services, in ways most copywriters can’t.

He knows how to write words that move people…
He didn’t study psychology to become a clinical psychologist - he did it to understand how people think and why they do what they do. At the core of everything that is good and bad in the world are human decisions - so what better way to influence the world than to influence decisions? His master’s degree in digital experience innovation helps him apply his domain expertise to your web-based projects.

Your technology won’t leave him wide-eyed and tongue-tied…
Before jumping ship to write jaw-droppingly-great copy for tech companies full time, he was an early employee at a B2B SaaS startup. He helped this startup graduate from one of Canada’s most prestigious incubators and went on to sleep on a NYC floor for 9 weeks while going through AngelPad - the top-rated startup accelerator according to Forbes in 2015.

Your data-driven approach won’t scare him...
Josh’s previous home was one of four science labs swimming in data - including labs that did physiological research on astronauts and a lab that explored brain-computer interfaces to help those with degenerative diseases interact with their world. If anything, your analytics will place him in a state of nostalgia.

He happily crafts copy from his home in Ontario, Canada and then drops it into the Market 8 machine where it’s organized, polished and then presented to Market 8’s always-smiling clients. :)