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Julia Dsouza
Website Craftsmanship & QA
Inbound Marketing Certified - HubSpot Certified

Julia is a website craftswoman with Market 8. She claims to be shy - but we think it’s an excuse she uses to side-step constant interruptions - she pulls off superwoman-like amounts of work without losing sight of the details, UX integrity and project deadlines.

Read some thoughts from Julia herself:

Hi, I'm Julia. I was born and raised on the west coast of India. I earned my Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Mumbai. I’m always looking for new opportunities and am very excited to try new things that open new doors. I love what I do for a living.

Past Experiences:

I first started working as a Quality Executive where I monitored sales calls, edited audio files, and gave feedback about the calls.

I have even worked in Executive Client Relations (ECR) where I handled different tasks such as billing, data management, general administrative tasks and many more.