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Kourtney Winters
Kourtney Winters, MFA
Conversion Centered Designer

Kourtney creates design experiences that focus on results. With a background in both design and conversion optimization, she focuses her work on making growth-driven decisions.

She’s not your typical designer. Her professional talents also branch out into the worlds of User Experience, Conversion Optimization, and Front-End Development. Her experience provides her the ability to see things in a multifaceted way and approach each project from different viewpoints.

Her creativity doesn’t stop at web design, she also enjoys making natural beauty products and vegan dishes from scratch.

Read some thoughts from Kourtney herself:

Hey! I’m your design specialist, Kourtney. I reside in Chicago, IL (born and raised), and creating is my passion.

Design is exciting! I approach projects like a new puzzle that needs to be solved. One of my favorite design quotes (coined by Louis Sullivan) is “Form follows function.” In my design methodology, this means that all designs are based on the foundation of how it will function for the user. Once, we determine the function, then we can create the form. :)

My expertise includes graphic, web and ux design, conversion optimization, and even some front-end coding. I’ve lived in both the creative and analytical worlds, so to speak, and I’m convinced that at some point my left and right brain have overlapped!

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my husband, doing yoga, making beauty products, drinking great coffee, and cooking vegan food.

Past Experiences:

Before receiving formal training, I taught myself how to design and code websites at the age of 16. I used to create designs for friends and family, before I realized I could go to school for design.

I continued my freelance work and decided to apply for a design scholarship to Robert Morris University. I presented my portfolio and the rest was history! I was awarded the scholarship and I went on to receive my BAS in Graphic Design from Robert Morris University.

I started graduate school at Harrington College of Design, and in that same year I entered the digital marketing world as an in-house designer for a local digital marketing firm, where I would eventually become the Lead Design and CRO Specialist. I worked full-time, while completing a rigorous full-time graduate program. During this time, I learned the art of working under pressure and how to handle tough deadlines. I went on to receive my MFA in Communication Design 2 years later.

Soon after that, I began immersing myself into the analytical world of Conversion Optimization, and I became passionate about how data can influence design.