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Sandra Ghaoui, MBA
Co-Founder, Web Strategist

Sandra is the analytics-crushing mastermind and mega-planning ninja. Co-founder of Market8 and life partner of EE, Sandra is the calming and soothing breeze of the team.

As an MBA-holding IT engineer, she worked with IBM implementing risk management software for banks and financial institutions. Sandra can tell you a thing or two about reducing development and implementation time while never jeopardizing quality.

Quietly observing to provide words of wisdom (fluently in English, French, Spanish and Arabic, only ), Sandra has a unique ability to quickly decompose any task to make it feel easy.

To earn brownie points with Sandra, you must acknowledge that Simon (her cat) is the cat of excellence and that he deserves to eat shrimp. As a cat lover, she is happy to sacrifice her balcony to raising hungry kittens.

Read some thoughts from Sandra herself:

Bonjour!  I’m the co-founder of Market 8 and I’m originally from Lebanon.  Like EE, I live between the US and Lebanon these days.

Past Experiences:

After completing my computer engineering degree, I went for an MBA in France. I then spent a year with IBM working as an IT consultant and learned that I’m not a Fortune 500 kind of person - so I decided to start my own thing.

I started with sweets and food imports to Mexico. This turned out to be a bad idea - turns out Mexico is like the 3rd most protected country on the planet - it was an absolute pain to import products! You live and learn.

Then, I moved into high-end home finishing with a company that designed handmade mosaics.  With this experience, I had the pleasure of working with some of the top interior designers in the US and made amazing mosaics for amazing people and celebrities. True story: Madonna actually stepped foot on one of our mosaics :-). This experience taught me a lot about business development, sales, and marketing strategy including business 101, “have a good product that people want and are super happy about.  If you don’t have that, change your business.” 

In 2011 I joined Market 8 and have since managed hundreds of projects of all sizes - from analysis, design, execution, and delivery.  At this point, after looking at thousands of website pages, I can point out usability and conversion UX improvements within a few minutes of looking at a web page.