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Yasmine de Aranda, BFA
Growth Strategist
Inbound Marketing Certified - HubSpot Certified - HubSpot Partner Certified

Yasmine is the fairy godmother, aka project manager, and marketing consultant for your project. She makes sure every task, goal, and milestone has a line drawn through it on or before the deadline.

A globetrotter, she has acquired a vast amount of experience across an impressive number of marketing disciplines, company sizes, and countries. From small family-sized businesses to large corporations, she’s seen and done it all. This ensures that she never loses sight of the big picture while deeply entrenched in the nitty gritty, day-to-day operations at Market 8.

Side note: her muffin baking skills are legendary, but you’ll have to be around the Montreal area to experience them. We suspect she’s hiding some sort of magic wand that gets the work done, but we haven’t been able to locate said wand.

Read some thoughts from Yasmine herself:

Hey! I’m Yasmine, a redhead in both form and essence - in my world, everything is possible. I’m an extrovert and a citizen of the world. I was born and raised in Monte-Carlo, and have lived in Dubai, London, Beirut and Montreal, where I’m currently based, with my two kids and better half.

I get a kick out of helping you leverage your site to tap into new growth opportunities and I do this by bringing my unique skill-set and experiences to the table. As a project manager, I channel my obsession with efficiency to constantly improve our internal processes and ensure I get everyone’s best work on time and within budget.

But, I’m not your typical hands-off project manager that shies away from getting involved in each project. With my background in fine arts and advertising, I understand the design process and can capture your brand's needs in a detailed creative brief. The fact that I have a proven knack for business strategy, specifically bringing sales and marketing together, makes Market 8 the perfect place for me.

Past Experiences:

I started my career during my first year of university - exploring opportunities in telemarketing, retail sales, banking, and administrative work. Then, I landed in the digital arm of Cossette Communications, a leading advertising agency in Canada, in 2004. This changed everything.

Over the next 14 years, I worked with clients all over the world, across several business and marketing areas, including: strategic planning and account handling, website and mobile development, traditional and digital advertising campaigns, social media campaigns, and event planning and coordination. 

At Saatchi & Saatchi, I managed a major telecom operator’s ATL and BTL campaigns while also monitoring and analyzing market threats and opportunities. Then, I created advertising strategies and tactics based on the client’s communication objectives.

I’ve placed my family-owned Fine Jewellery business on the Eastern European map. While heading up the marketing and communications department, I locked down a 101ft² booth at Baselworld, The World Watch and Jewellery Show, sharing the top floor with the biggest names in the industry. I even negotiated the rights to Queremos Paz - Gotan Project for our former website! In my 4 years, we opened 5 shop-in-a-shops in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Mission accomplished! 

In my first year leading business development and managing operations in two startups in the Middle East, I doubled their revenue and positioned them as top interactive and communications firms in their geographical area.

Market 8 has given me the unique opportunity to combine my success in marketing and sales with my passion for project management. The result is a number of Market 8 projects delivered on time, within budget, and exceeding client expectations.