How ZynBit Repositioned its Brand For the Future


"Market 8 brings the exact set of skills we need at this point to help shape a strategy, and execute it"
Phil Dixon
Phil Dixon - CEO
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Key Results

Penetration on key enterprise accounts


Organic traffic

The Challenge

ZynBit is a SaaS company established in 2017. As a SaaS with a wide range of functionality touching different levels in their clients’ organizations, ZynBit had inconsistencies in their positioning, messaging and voice. The company needed to develop a comprehensive brand strategy, a stepping stone upon which their whole marketing would be built.


Develop a brand strategy that clarified the overall purpose, brand power, differentiation, and brand messaging structure.


We did an in-depth customer research and competitor analysis to understand the market landscape. Developed a brand story, and a messaging architecture identifying unique value propositions and key messages for each key persona.

We then helped ZynBit propagate the new message across website pages, advertising campaigns, and collateral content for sales.

About ZynBit

ZynBit powers data-driven sales teams to optimize sales capacity.

ZynBit captures high-value customer interactions enabling your sales, management, and operations to understand pipeline activity, sales performance, and territory management patterns.  

It integrates seamlessly with your existing sales workflows across mobile, browser, email and calendar simplifying the day-to-day of customer relationship management.  At the same time, it collects meaningful customer data needed to optimize sales operations.  

ZynBit makes salespeople more efficient and empowers management with valuable insights needed to run the business, improve customer acquisition and drive retention.  

ZynBit. Be Data-Driven.

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