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How Market 8 Helped the Entrust Group Convert 40% More Leads to Sales While Cutting Their Google Ads CPA by Half

Key Results

Lower CPA
(from $110 to $57)
Estimated annual savings
Increase in ads conversions
"Market8 wanted all the details. They wanted to know exactly how everything worked. Our product offering, our services and how to convey a message via Google Ads. They are very good professionals and very thorough in their work. Highly intelligent, personable, and always there to chat about something when you need them."
Sean Leahy
Sean Leahy - Digital Marketing Executive

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For over 36 years, The Entrust Group has specialized in self-directed IRA retirement accounts. Entrust offers a diverse range of investment options to their clients, that are typically unavailable through banks and brokerage firms.

  • Industry: Financial
  • Location: USA
Services Provided

Google Ads Account Management

  • Account strategy and budgeting
  • Ad copy and creative
  • Google Ads CRO
  • Landing page optimization
  • CPA reduced by half
  • Saved over $175K in annual ad spend
  • +394% conversions

The Challenge

Turning a complex product into effective advertising

The Entrust Group specializes in a very unique investment product. One of the reasons they are pioneers in their industry is because they understand the need to educate clients on their many investment options and how to grow their portfolio.

Entrust needed an agency that would embody this philosophy and help them translate it into an effective Google Ads campaign. Before turning to Market8, this had proven to be a struggle.

"We normally outsource our Google Ads and it wasn't really going the way we wanted it to. People weren't really making the effort to understand our company. It's quite a complicated niche and none of the people that were managing our account previously made an effort to fully understand our company and the services we are offering. It just became really frustrating."

Sean Leahy, Digital Marketing Executive at Entrust, spent hours trying to fix what was essentially a broken agency-client relationship.

"We made numerous efforts to educate the vendor on our product just to see if things would improve and they didn't. I was doing a lot of work for them as far as the copy of the ads because they just didn't understand the product. I was spending two hours of my day, every day correcting errors. I did not have time to put aside two hours a day to manage something I should have been overseeing."

The Solution

An agency committed to research before writing a single line of copy

After carefully listening about Entrust’s problems with previous vendors, Market8 spent extra time onboarding the client and understanding the product. Sandra Ghaoui, Web Strategist at Market8, was the lead manager for Entrust’s Google Ads account.

"Sandra has shown an amazing understanding of how our company works and that's really what we were looking for. That's where Market8 did really well. They were able to see it from the perspective of people who were already aware of this type of product. But more importantly, they were able to come up with ads that spoke to people that weren't necessarily aware of what it was originally."


Coupled with a solid technical understanding of how Google Ads work, Market8 was able to come up with multiple ad creatives, A/B testing experiments and landing page optimizations that would drive the campaign ROI.

"It's not an immediate overnight change, you know? You need to go through the accounts and look at it strategically and make changes, do lots of A/B testing, experiments and optimize your landing pages. There's a lot of stuff that goes into it as the initial set up."


Throughout the initial set up and during the whole year managing the account, Sandra and Market8 kept learning about the product and optimizing the campaign.

"Anytime I had any query or issue, I was able to get in touch with someone from Market8 right away. It was immediate. There was no email back and forth over a few days, waiting hours for responses. They were not only very interested and asking the right questions, but also always available for a call."

The Results

50% lower CPA, driving higher qualified leads


Time spent doing research was vital to deliver maximum ROI. Entrust was able to see short-term results after their initial onboarding.

"We spent a bit of time analyzing the account and getting everything up and running. But after two months we started seeing positive results and a very steady, upward curve in performance. It's been a very steady improvement ever since."


Once the campaigns started running, Sandra spent more time learning from live results and optimizing performance. All key metrics kept improving over time and delivering results above initial expectations:

"Our cost per acquisition went down significantly and is still decreasing. At the end of the day, cost per acquisition is the golden goose when it comes to Google Ads."


Reducing CPA won’t always paint the full picture. It’s not simply about having a lower cost per acquisition —you still have to bring qualified leads into the funnel.

"Not only do we have a lower overall cost per acquisition, but there are also leads that are even more qualified. We are spending less than we did two years ago and we’re converting probably 40% more leads. It's significant changes to the numbers that matter."


Ad spend reduction helped Entrust focus on other marketing channels…

"We were getting more income from less marketing effort. We had more budget free because this was working much more efficiently and we were able to put that budget into improving our website platform, improving our client portal, going to more trade shows."


… while freeing Sean’s personal time to focus on his core tasks, instead of micromanaging their Google Ads campaigns.

"It immediately saved me between an hour and two hours a day. Being able to trust someone with your Google Ads account and not have to worry about any potential errors or wastage of the budget, it just makes my whole day a lot less stressful. I can focus on the things that are more directly involved in my role. it was a big improvement for me."

Maximize ROI from Your Google Ads Campaigns

Sandra would love to learn about your challenges and manage your Google Ads to win you more leads and sales

"The effort that was put in to understand our company… our needs and our goal, it was the biggest positive for me. It was a real desire to understand how we worked, how our clients need to be communicated to. And the instant communication, you know? It was great to be able to just jump on a quick call anytime when needed and talk through new copy, a new strategic idea or anything..."
Sean Leahy
Sean Leahy - Digital Marketing Executive
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