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How The Entrust Group Increased Paid Traffic Conversions by 320%


"Market8 wanted all the details. They wanted to know exactly how everything worked. Our product offering, our services and how to convey a message via Google Ads. They are very good professionals and very thorough in their work. Highly intelligent, personable, and always there to chat about something when you need them."
Sean Leahy
Sean Leahy - Digital Marketing Executive

Key Results


Ads conversions


CPA ($110 to $57)


Annual savings

The Challenge

The Entrust Group specializes in a very unique investment product. One of the reasons they are pioneers in their industry is because they understand the need to educate clients on their many investment options and how to grow their portfolio.

Entrust needed an agency that would embody this philosophy and help them translate it into an effective Google Ads campaign.


After carefully listening about Entrust’s problems with previous vendors, Market8 spent extra time onboarding the client and understanding the product. Sandra Ghaoui, Web Strategist at Market8, was the lead manager for Entrust’s Google Ads account. Coupled with a solid technical understanding of how Google Ads work, Market8 was able to come up with multiple ad creatives, A/B testing experiments and landing page optimizations that would drive the campaign ROI. Throughout the initial set up and during the whole year managing the account, Sandra and Market8 kept learning about the product and optimizing the campaign.


Time spent doing research was vital to deliver maximum ROI. Entrust was able to see short-term results after their initial onboarding. Once the campaigns started running, Sandra spent more time learning from live results and optimizing performance. All key metrics kept improving over time and delivering results above initial expectations.

Ad spend reduction helped Entrust focus on other marketing channels, while freeing Sean’s personal time to focus on his core tasks, instead of micromanaging their Google Ads campaigns.

About The Entrust Group

The Entrust Group (TEG) is the leading Real Estate Self-Directed IRA administrator in the United States. A self-directed IRA is a retirement account that gives individuals complete control over their investment choices. Self-directed IRAs don’t limit investors to stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. It allows for alternative investments in asset classes such as real estate, precious metals, and private businesses.

The buying journey of a self-directed IRA investor is reliant on education and the availability of knowledgeable customer service representatives to answer questions about getting started and managing accounts.

TEG has the most comprehensive learning center and was uniquely positioned to capture even more share.

Market 8 is helping TEG to continuously optimize their website for growth through Growth Driven Design.


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